Schoolchildren in Los Angeles Increasingly Targeted by Violent Attacks

Schoolchildren in the far left bastion of Los Angeles are increasingly being targeted by violent attacks. The LA School Police Department said they are highly concerned with the trend:

“violent attacks on children who are walking to and from school or in some cases near their own homes,”

Sgt. Rudy Perez noted that young children are “easy targets” and are “becoming victims of violent crime at an alarming rate,” according to the report. According to the outlet, a sophomore at Hamilton High School on L.A.’s westside was shot recently.

While truly horrifying, this trend is not surprising. The far left city has cared more about following woke trends than doing what needs to be done to keep its citezens safe. However, it is sickening that the children are the ones who have to suffer.

Los Angeles, and cities like it, need to get serious about law enforcement and security if they want to provide a safe environment for their citizens - especially the most vulnerable.

This will likely get much worse before it gets better.

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