Newsom Faces Undermining With Family Support Of Seeming Florida Arch Enemy DeSantis

 September 1, 2022

On Fox and Friends, OutKick founder, Clay Travis sounded off on the recent news that the family of Gov. Gavin Newsom, just this past April donated, $5000 to Gov. Ron DeSantis's campaign. Newsome has waged a battle against DeSantis, in the recent past, where he has literally run aggressive ads in Florida, to undermine DeSantis campaign and state policies on parents first, abortion restrictions, and what Newsome calls no freedom of choice. His ads clearly demonstrate his angst with DeSantis. Now his own family is undermining his efforts, as it turns out. OUCH!

According to Travis, during the COVID battle, “Gavin essentially got it wrong,(while) DeSantis got it right” – an obvious rub for Newsome. Apparently, According to Travis, Newsom’s own in-laws “see through the lies”. The discussion goes on to posing the question of a presidential debate scenario, between the two politicians, which though speculative, and highly unlikely is very entertaining all the same. After watching, the viewer walks away refreshed, to see someone so arrogant, having to eat humble pie for once.

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