Biden Confusedly Attacks Second Amendment Supporters In PA Policy Speech

On Wednesdays airing of “Outnumbered”, – Brett Velicovich, Fox News Contributor, discussed with the panel, Biden's controversial remarks on Second Amendment rights, with supporters during his policy speech in Pennsylvania. In a tone that was mocking, the “brave” Second Amendment supporters listening to him, Biden made several unfounded statements such as-

“AR-15’s are the guns of choice to use, they shoot faster rounds than any other gun on the market and AR-15’s cut people in half”

-Brett Velicovich, Fox News

Not only did Biden mistakenly refer to AR-15’s as F-15’s (a tactical fighter aircraft) , but those statements are blatantly false.

In the speech, Biden just moved from one confabulation to the next, He bumbled around talking between supporting Second Amendment rights and being willing to promote gun bans – almost in the same sentence. There were several gaffs, that make his speech embarrassingly hard to listen to.

One panelist said “that’s why he goes to bed early” – indicating humorously that Biden needs more sleep to function at all. Biden is used to speaking off of the top of his head, and having someone else clean up his bungling. How would you like to be that person? What a job title “Official Presidential Speech Detangler”. Then, the White House can restate in English, the translation from Bidonese – effectively correcting what he said, and reshaping his demented verbiage.

The photos of those listening at the speech, look confused except the lockstep, Bidonites, a group of bobble heads – nodding appreciatively. What a joke! You would think persons with any sort of rational thinking brain, would identify the poor cognitive connection present in the way Biden speaks.

“We need discernment in what we see and what we hear and what we believe.”

-Charles R. Swindoll
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