New York City Packs Foreign Migrants into Tent Towns, Ignores Needs Of American Working Poor & Homeless

 September 24, 2022

The thousands of penniless migrants, that have been delivered to New York City, by President Joe Biden’s pro-migration deputies, will soon be staying in newly built, expensive tent towns, though the needs of Americans, are being sidelined as officials rush to import more migrants.

On Thursday, Mayor Eric Adams, was reported to have boasted-

 “While other leaders have abdicated their moral duty to support arriving asylum seekers, New York City refuses to do so,”

- Eric Adams, New York City Mayor

And Phillip Banks, the deputy mayor for public safety stated-

 “We’re laser-focused on supporting the parents, children, and individuals who deserve compassion and support, and these centers are one piece of our work to do just that,”

On Thursday, the New York Times reported-

“Last week, Mr. Adams ordered all agencies to cut their city-funded expenses by 3 percent this year. It typically costs between $135 and $190 per day to house someone in a shelter, and the bill could run into hundreds of millions of dollars. The city has asked the state and federal government for help.”

-The New York Times

Federal delivery of poor foreigners, into New York City does not seem to phase, Adams. Rather than opposing their presence, he is justifying his spending on migrants as part of the 1950s “Nation of Immigrants” narrative about open borders-

“More than 100 years ago, Ellis Island opened its doors to welcome in those ‘yearning to breathe free … Like the generations that came to our city before, New York will provide the thousands now coming to our city with the foundation to build a better life.”

-“Nation of Immigrants”

How altruistic of Adams, the truth is that the State of Liberty was built by a French artist to display the success of the U.S. Constitution in the 1880s and in years that followed, a public relations campaign by pro-migration advocates, portrayed it as a beacon of light to foreign migrants.

A further truth is that on September 22, the New York Times reported, that the inflow of migrants is clearly overwhelming the city’s government-funded shelters:

“The population of the city’s main homeless shelter system has been climbing for months at a rate faster than at any time in recent memory. Since mid-May, it has jumped by more than 25 percent, to nearly 58,000. Just in the last week, the shelter population has grown by more than 2,200. In the past, it took years, not months, for such large increases to take place.” And…

“The speed of the influx poses such a challenge because the shelter system is not monolithic: It is a collection of over 300 buildings of widely varied use, configuration and condition, the vast majority of them rented from dozens of private landlords and operated by a constellation of dozens of nonprofit groups.”

-The New York Times

The New York Post, reported on September 19, that New Yorkers and Biden’s migrants are also competing for housing spaces, describing the attitude at one homeless resident at a 1,000-bed shelter, who said-

“We don’t want them here because, to be honest with you, to me they’re getting treated better than       we do, and this is supposed to be ours,” 

-Darrell Pankey, Homeless Shelter Resident

The truth is, that the Democrats’ inflow of migrants is helping to inflate the commercial rents that are paid by ordinary Americans to their landlords, with Democrats preferring to blame the companies that rent to migrants, not the Biden government that delivers the migrants who compete with Americans for these rentals, driving prices higher. Sadly, the city’s high rents are actually a positive for the migrants, who can collectively earn higher wages offsetting the costs by sharing their apartments with many other migrants.

Though communal economic strategy is illegal in most cities, these illegal migrants can quickly pay off their smuggling debts and it allows unscrupulous landlords, to earn more money from several working migrants, than money they might earn by renting a small apartment to one American family.

Additionally, this inflow is a boon for many companies, because they can hire desperate illegal migrants who will compliantly work to earn the money needed to pay their smuggling debts, all while avoiding hiring local Americans that other employers do not want to hire. Hence, employers, can cheat the migrants easier than they can cheat local Americans. The whole process of incentives to hire these illegal migrants undermines the city’s claimed goal of getting young men into jobs. I guess now it’s a question of - are you an American or an illegal migrant?

Democrats are essentially pleased with this migration to New York City, as good for local businesses, including retailers and low-wage employers. They don’t seem to care about the impact, that this crisis is creating for American citizens who go without housing, fight for jobs they might otherwise have, struggle to pay more for necessities and food, essentially stalled in any upward mobility they might have -  all while NYC and officials there take advantage of federal funding, to roll out the red carpet, in programs that are designed to capture segments of illegal migrants, for their own economic and political uses.

One example, according to a September 16 report, in the New York Post-

“Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand wants to help solve the Big Apple’s shelter crisis by relocating newly arrived migrants to upstate cities,” (whose transfer profits her because) “use the population boost to qualify for pork-barrel federal funds as she seeks reelection,”.

-The New York Post

So essentially, NYC has chosen to, economically use the presence of these new illegal migrants to economically pull from federal funding, all while setting the stage for local businesses to also use them for economic gains – all while American citizens go without help, because there is now little economic advantage in helping them.

This usury and neglect, are not the values that America was founded on. This seems like a more third-world approach to keep those with less, entrapped into staying that way, in order to keep them indebted to the employers, landlords and politicians they need to take care of them. This is most definitely the Democratic socialist way and a poor substitute for the American dream – which is dying in cities such as this.

“Usury is a sin of avarice; it is against charity because the usurer without labor, suffering or fear gathers riches from the labor, suffering and vicissitudes of his neighbor.”

-St. Albert the Great
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