Focus on Excellence Not Politics - Disney, Apple Called Out For Pushing Woke Agendas

 September 23, 2022

On Fox and friends, the host and her guest, Vivek Ramaswamy, discuss his new company’s’ prospective impact on corporate America by sharing investor input, that hopefully will be considered in the battle for excellence.  His goal is to change the corporate focus back to excellence that is in the best interests of shareholders, focusing on the business itself aa well as striving for “value creation “ for investors.

Ramaswamy, Strive Asset Management founder, and author of the book “Nation of Victims”, recently penned letters to Disney and Apple calling out the companies’ woke agendas and demanding a return to “value creation” that serves the best interests of shareholders.

Stating in his letter to Disney that they, “must make it clear that, it (Disney) will no longer take political stances on issues unrelated to its core business operations…” and in his letter to Apple….they were told that “ hiring should be based on merit – not race sex or politics…”. He set the stage for the “value” he is talking about.

Disney’s response was-

“we regularly receive input from our shareholders, who hold a wide variety of few points, and we listen to their perspectives”.

-Walt Disney Corporation

The objective, according to Ramaswarmy, is to get the conversation back into the boardroom focusing on the work of excellence and off politics.  A refreshingly positive way, to gain corporate attention, as well as seek needed change in the business focus. This effort is a much better way, to reach boardrooms for changes, that enhance corporate products, as well as the business bottom line. All a way to avoid losses relates to mistaken stands that are political.

This news segment is a refreshing way to look at influencing corporate America from the inside out, rather than fighting appeals from corporate employees, which ends up with embroiled public opinion drama and mass media involvement – serving the only purpose of feeding one political position or the other.

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