Louvre evacuated after bomb threat as France continues to grapple with terror

 October 14, 2023

Following Hamas’s call for a global day of Jihad, the renowned Louvre Museum in Paris was evacuated due to a reported bomb threat, highlighting the escalating tensions in France.

As tensions rise in the aftermath of Hamas's call for a global day of Jihad, the world-famous Breitbart reports that the Louvre Museum in Paris was evacuated and closed for the day.

Immediate evacuation of visitors from the Louvre

The decision to close the Louvre, the world's largest museum, came suddenly when approximately 3,000 visitors were inside. This led to an immediate evacuation of the premises.

According to local news outlet Le Parisien, a Paris police source revealed that the evacuation and subsequent closure were due to a written message threatening to bomb the museum.

This alarming threat to the museum occurred just a day after a tragic incident in which a French teacher, Dominique Bernard, was fatally stabbed in a suspected Islamist terror attack outside a middle school in Arras.

Details surrounding the suspected attacker

The alleged assailant, Mohamed Mogouchkov, had previously been subject to a deportation order in 2014. However, efforts by pro-migrant groups ensured he remained in France.

Furthermore, Mogouchkov was on France's extremism watch list, known locally as an "S file" for "radical Islamism". During the attack, witnesses reported him shouting the Islamic war cry "Allah hu Akbar" as he allegedly took the teacher's life.

The teacher's tragic death coincided with the Palestinian terror group Hamas's call for a global "Day of Jihad". This call to arms referred to a series of terror attacks that resulted in the deaths of over 1,300 individuals in Israel after Hamas initiated an invasion.

France's heightened security measures

In response to the suspected terror attack, the French government elevated its "emergency attack" alert to the highest possible level on Friday evening.

“Dear visitors, For security reasons, the Musée du Louvre is closing its doors today, Saturday, October 14. Those who have booked a visit during the day will be reimbursed. Thank you for your understanding.”

As stated by the Louvre Museum in Paris, they prioritized the safety of their visitors and staff by closing their doors for the day.

Additionally, the government announced the deployment of up to 7,000 soldiers to enhance security measures throughout the nation, ensuring the safety of its citizens.

Other locations also face threats

It wasn't just the Louvre that faced such threats. The Palace of Versailles, once home to the French Royal Family, was also evacuated after receiving a bomb threat. The palace announced its closure for the remainder of the day.

These series of threats and attacks have left the nation on edge, with many questioning the security measures in place and the future implications of such incidents.

As France grapples with these challenges, the international community watches closely, hoping for a swift resolution and a return to peace and stability.


  • The Louvre Museum in Paris was evacuated following a bomb threat.
  • The threat came in the wake of Hamas's call for a global day of Jihad.
  • A French teacher was tragically killed in a suspected Islamist terror attack.
  • The alleged attacker was previously on France's extremism watch list.
  • France has heightened its security measures, deploying thousands of soldiers nationwide.
  • Other prominent locations, like the Palace of Versailles, also received threats.

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