Judge Rules Against Kari Lake In Arizona Gubernatorial Election Contest, Upholding Election Of Hobbs

 December 26, 2022

Upholding the election of  Democrat Katie Hobbs, an Arizona District Court Judge has ruled against Republican Kari Lake in her contest of the state’s gubernatorial election. As the previously noted by the Hill, last Monday eight of the ten counts Lake alleged in her lawsuit were dismissed by Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thomson.

The case proceeded to trial on Wednesday and Thursday, on just two counts, in which Lake alleged, that there were illegal and deliberate printer and tabulator configurations, meant to sabotage polling locations in Maricopa County on Election Day, and violations regarding ballot chain of custody.

Thompson ruled, in regards to both counts, that the “Court does not find clear and convincing evidence of misconduct in violation” and confirmed the election of Hobbs. Despite the fact that Lake enlisted a number of “expert” witnesses to testify, it was not enough to reverse the election outcome. It is further thought that a reversal of this ruling at a higher court is unlikely.

Lake said she intends to appeal this case, though according to the actual election results posted, lost the election by some 17,000 votes. To date she has not conceded, evening after this ruling. Lake reportedly claimed-

“My Election Case provided the world with evidence that proves our elections are run outside of the law,” she c “This Judge did not rule in our favor. However, for the sake of restoring faith and honesty in our elections, I will appeal his ruling.”

-Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate, Kari Lake

According to The Washington Post, Maricopa County Attorney, Thomas Liddy, said that the county is seeking sanctions against Lake’s legal team, asserting they understood they never had a case-

“A lawyer may not go to court without the evidence necessary for a chance to prevail. Lake had to make up 17,117 votes. She failed to identify one lawful ballot that was not counted or one ballot that was counted that should not have been — and she knew that before she filed the contest.”

-The Washington Post

In her own statement Governor Elect Hobbs shared on Twitter, via her campaign manager, Nicole DeMont,  that the lawsuit was a-

 “sham.”  adding that “We’re pleased that the courts have upheld the will of the voters, and Governor-Elect Hobbs is continuing the work of preparing to take office as Arizona’s next governor,”

-Nicole DeMont, Campaign Manager, For Arizona Governor-Elect Hobbs

Previously Lake had refused to say, in the lead-up to the election, that she would accept the results if she lost. She told host Dana Bash, during an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union, in October, that-

 “I’m going to win the election, and I’m going to accept that result,”

-Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake

It is unclear if Lake will ever prevail in the courts, recognize and honor the results of the election or offer a concession to the governor-elect. Likely she will wait for the appeal of this decision. Lake, a very savvy communicator and dedicated political conservative, must have her reasons for the delay in doing so. Apparently, she believes there is more to be considered.

Her dedication to truth and the rule of law are what make her a stand out competitor at this juncture. That she has more to say, in court, regarding these elections is very telling, especially in light of the fact that Katie Hobbs never recused herself, from access to the polls during the election, even though she as Arizona’s Secretary of State, is the person responsible for how the election was conducted. Time will tell, if Lake is wrong or if there is some actually some “there” - there.

“I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.”

-Abraham Lincoln
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