Jill Biden’s Press Secretary Leaving WH Post After Embarrassing “Taco Speech”

 July 27, 2022

According to a report from CNN, Michael LaRosa, First Lady Jill Biden’s press secretary, is leaving the White House.

The first lady reportedly told CNN-

“For nearly three years, from the campaign to the White House, Michael has brought an encyclopedic knowledge of politics and media to my team as my spokesperson and adviser,” and “On a small team, loyalty and friendship are lifelong – we will miss Michael. However, we are excited for him to begin a new chapter in his career.”

- First Lady Jill Biden

Typically focusing on simple issues, like updates on the first lady’s new cat, LaRosa,  reportedly made plans to leave earlier but stayed on to assist during Jill Biden’s international travel. After he leaves the White House, LaRosa plans to join the public affairs firm Hamilton Place Strategies.

Coming on the heels of a series of embarrassing incidents in her official position, it looks like LaRosa is throwing in the towel. By way of review -

On Monday, July 11th, First Lady Jill Biden butchered the pronunciation of “bodega”, at the Latinx IncluXion Luncheon in San Antonio, Texas and went on to equate the Hispanic community-

“as unique as the breakfast tacos here in San Antonio”

- First Lady Jill Biden

Apparently, Jill needed someone, to review her speeches for proper cultural etiquette. She came off sounding poorly educated and was later attacked as racist – especially since she compared an entire culture of people to stereotypical ethnic food sources.

On July 12, though it was unclear who was responsible for putting the “taco” reference in the first lady’s prepared speech, LaRosa had to apologize for the first lady’s embarrassing speech to the Latino community.

With all that said, apparently, the White House is beginning to wear on Jill, who complained on July 16, that she and the president had to deal with multiple crises since taking office, instead of focusing on their planned agenda items-

“He had so many hopes and plans for things he wanted to do, but every time you turned around, he had to address the problems of the moment,”

-First Lady Jill Biden

Further, response to her has been on the decline. On July 21, Jill was heckled in New Haven, Connecticut by those who described her husband as “the worst president we ever had.” According to a recent CNN poll, her approval rating has dropped 24 points to 34 percent since first entering the White House. Sad, but appropriate all the same.

What does she expect, when she is fully aware of the cognitive deficits of her husband? He has no business in the White House and she knows it. It would be nice to know, what her part in keeping him there is, beyond enabling him to bypass anyone who might put on display – the Joe Biden who can’t even correctly read a teleprompter message.

It is hard to feel sorry for a wife, who serves her husbands’ inadequacies up to public scrutiny, so others may use his position to promote their agenda. It is truly a sad testimony, to her need for power, privilege, and luxury all at the U.S. tax-payers expense. However, for the Biden’s, this has been a lifetime of drinking deeply at the public trough.

She has to know that the gravy train will come to an end at some point. Besides, she and Joe are crying / whining all the way to the bank – with Hunter lining the family coffers.

When the House membership changes this fall, it will be very interesting to see how she, and Joe for that matter handle themselves. It will prove interesting.

“By ensuring that no one in government has too much power, the Constitution helps protect ordinary Americans every day against abuse of power by those in authority”

-John Roberts
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