IDF confirms they have killed top Hamas commander

 October 17, 2023

As the war in Gaza continues to intensify, the IDF has confirmed the elimination of a top Hamas commander, further weakening the leadership of Hamas.

The Times Of Israel reported that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have been hammering Hamas with everything they have and the results are good. The IDF confirmed the killing of Ayman Nofal, the commander of Hamas's Central Gaza Brigade.

Details of the airstrike

The airstrike that led to Nofal's death took place in the Bureij refugee camp. The IDF stated that this operation was a result of intelligence efforts by the Shin Bet security agency and the Military Intelligence Directorate. Nofal was not just a commander; he was also a member of Hamas’s General Military Council.

Throughout his tenure, Nofal was involved in numerous attacks against Israel and its security forces. His involvement wasn't limited to direct attacks. He played a pivotal role in the production and development of weapons for Hamas. Furthermore, he was implicated in the kidnapping of IDF soldier Gilat Shalit back in 2006.

The IDF described Nofal as one of the most dominant senior officials in Hamas. His close association with Muhammad Deif, Hamas’s military leader, further underscores his significance within the organization.

Defense Minister's stern warning

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant didn't mince words when addressing the situation. He made it clear that members of Hamas had two choices in the ongoing conflict: surrender or face death. Gallant emphasized the reach and precision of the IDF, stating, "Our warplanes will reach everywhere… every missile has an address."

He further warned that Hamas members could either "die in their positions or surrender unconditionally." Gallant's message was clear: the IDF is determined to dismantle Hamas and its capabilities.

Recent operations by the IDF have seen the elimination of several Hamas commanders. This comes in the wake of attacks inside Israel on October 7, where terrorists infiltrated the border, causing significant casualties and abductions.

Current situation in Gaza

Since the October 7 attacks, the IDF has launched thousands of airstrikes targeting Hamas and other terror groups in Gaza. There's a significant military presence at the border, indicating a potential ground offensive. The objective, as stated by Israel's leaders, is to eradicate the terror group that has been in control of Gaza since 2007.

Civilians in northern Gaza have been advised to move southward in anticipation of intensified operations. Despite Hamas's efforts to prevent this migration, hundreds of thousands have already relocated.

Many are seeking refuge at Gaza’s Rafah border crossing with Egypt. However, the situation remains dire as the Hamas-run Gaza health ministry reports over 2,700 Gazans killed in the attacks. The distinction between combatants and civilians in these numbers remains unclear.

Continued rocket attacks

Despite the IDF's efforts, Gaza terror groups continue to launch rockets targeting Israeli communities. These attacks are frequent, targeting both the south and center of Israel. The Iron Dome defense system intercepts many of these rockets, but some still manage to cause damage.

Recent barrages have targeted major areas, including Tel Aviv. In one instance, four rockets directly hit the city of Sderot near Gaza, causing significant property damage. Thankfully, no injuries were reported from this incident.

Other areas like Ashkelon, Beersheba, and Ashdod have also been targeted. In Holon, a civilian was seriously injured while seeking shelter during a rocket siren.

Hamas's propaganda efforts

Amidst the conflict, Hamas released a video of one of the kidnapped Israelis from Gaza. This video, featuring Mia Schem, is the first sign of life from any of the hostages taken during the October 7 onslaught. The IDF has labeled this video as a propaganda tool and an attempt at "psychological terror."

In conclusion:

  • The IDF has confirmed the killing of Ayman Nofal, a top Hamas commander.
  • Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has issued a stern warning to Hamas members.
  • Despite IDF airstrikes, rocket attacks from Gaza continue.
  • Hamas has released a propaganda video featuring one of the kidnapped Israelis.

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