14 Republicans join movement to elect Jim Jordan as House Speaker

 October 17, 2023

Jim Jordan is gathering significant momentum, with 14 additional Republicans endorsing his bid for House Speaker.

Breitbart confirmed that in a recent development, 14 more House Republicans have publicly shown their support for Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) as the potential Speaker of the House. This endorsement comes just hours before the House is set to possibly vote on the matter.

Surge in support for Jordan

Earlier reports from Breitbart indicated that 132 House Republicans were backing Jordan by Monday afternoon. However, by Monday evening, this number had risen to 146. This surge in support included endorsements from notable representatives such as Stephanie Bice, Kevin Kiley, Claudia Tenney, and Rob Wittman, among others.

It's worth noting that the 146 public endorsements might not reflect the actual number of supporters Jordan has. In a recent conference nomination, Jordan secured 124 votes. This number increased to 152 in a subsequent ballot when members were asked if they would back him on the House floor.

For Jordan to officially become the Speaker, he requires a total of 217 votes on the House floor. The Congressman from Ohio is hopeful that the vote on his nomination will take place on Tuesday.

Strategists weigh in on the situation

Cliff Maloney, a GOP strategist, shared his insights with Breitbart on the matter. He expressed that the momentum for Jim Jordan is undeniably building. Maloney emphasized that patriots across the country are urging their Republican representatives to unite and stand firmly behind Jordan's bid for the speaker's position.

It's clear that Jordan's campaign for the Speaker's role is gaining traction. The increasing number of public endorsements from fellow Republicans is a testament to this.

While the final decision rests with the House vote, the current trend suggests a favorable outcome for Jordan.

List of lawmakers supporting Jordan

The list of lawmakers who have publicly shown their support for Jordan is extensive. Some of the notable names include Robert Aderholt, Rick W. Allen, Kelly Armstrong, Stephanie Bice, Andy Biggs, Mike Bost, Mike Collins, Warren Davidson, Ron Estes, Matt Gaetz, Lance Gooden, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Diana Harshbarger, Jim Jordan, Kevin Kiley, Frank Lucas, Kevin McCarthy, Michael McCaul, Elise Stefanik, Claudia Tenney, and Rob Wittman, to name a few.

It's evident that Jordan's campaign has garnered the attention and endorsement of a significant portion of the Republican representatives. This broad spectrum of support could play a pivotal role in the upcoming vote.

The final decision, however, remains uncertain until the actual vote takes place on the House floor.

What lies ahead for the House?

The upcoming vote is crucial for the future direction of the House. With Jordan's increasing support, it will be interesting to see if he can secure the required 217 votes to clinch the Speaker's position.

The outcome of this vote will not only determine the next Speaker but also set the tone for the House's future proceedings and decisions.

As the political landscape continues to evolve, the decision made by the House members in this vote will undoubtedly have lasting implications.


  • Jim Jordan has received public endorsements from 146 House Republicans for the Speaker's position.
  • The number of public endorsements might be lower than the actual number of supporters Jordan has.
  • Jordan requires 217 votes on the House floor to officially become the Speaker.
  • The increasing support suggests a favorable outcome for Jordan, but the final decision rests with the House vote.

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