Hollywood Leftist Stirs Emotions – “Millions Of Women” Fleeing USA

 May 6, 2022

Off the hook leftists are spewing vast sums of disinformation, regarding the Roe v. Wade case that the Supreme Court is considering overturning. Funny how HollyWierd thinks America cares what they think? Most of them spend their life pretending to be someone else and get paid for it. That’s not the real world.

It’s high time they think of someone else besides themselves and their own opinions. Mother always said “not everything you could say you should say”…and “Mother knows best”. If there is a valid point to make - by all means, but if spouting vitriolic fearmongering is preferred - to garner publicity - then save it!

When Actress Rosanna Arquette takes to Twitter, because she believes that abortion is such an incredibly sacred right, proclaiming that “millions of women are figuring out how to get out of this country for good,”  – America needs to consider the source

Ms. Arquette, had to remove her hyperbolic statement largely because if it’s ridiculous nature. Sadly, she is just one more leftist whose poor education on the subject, allows her to go about fomenting on the subject in error. Worse yet, the media eats the disinformation up like cotton candy at the fair. And it follows, that her fellow leftists only consider the emotional hype and her explosive rhetoric – all commenting in like-kind on her twitter link. Wow she got noticed!

Her pro-abortion activism continued, though she is obviously ignorant of the reality of abortion laws throughout the US and the fact that the federal law of 1973 was not really well substantiated by any US Constitutional finding when it was first passed. There is no law written in the Constitution that guarantees women any “sacred right” to abort (delete in todays’ terms) human life. Even the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a champion of women’s rights, expressed a problem with it.

According to Newsweek –

“Ginsburg was a frequent critic of Roe v. Wade, especially its framing and the speed in which it was pushed through. In a much-quoted lecture she gave at New York University in 1992, Ginsburg noted how Roe was an example of how "Doctrinal limbs too swiftly shaped...may prove unstable."

Maybe Arquette should read both sides of the court opinions from 1973 on the subject as well as those that have been written along the way for the past 50 years. Read, Think & Repeat!

Further for Arquette to incite her followers by stating -

“Let’s see and hear all the Good men out there (because there are many ) stand with us now, stand up to the barbaric Tyranny that is happening to American women,” adding “Stand up speak out with us and make yourselves loud now. Let’s all Get their boots off our wombs.”

is beyond ridiculous.

There is no barbaric tyranny except that which she imagines – again, a good way to garner attention. If leftists want someone off their womb – how about the guy or intersectionalized entity who impregnates it? Those who protect, all - not just some, life agree - don’t be promiscuous and have the audacity to seek public support for selfishly destroying the evidence or inconvenience to be officially absolved of the behavior. Choices matter, and we have over 63 million (and counting) aborted babies that matter.

Lastly, whomever Ms. Arquette knows that is leaving the country, please let them know that most countries in Europe, such as Germany, Belgium, France and Denmark have far stricter laws than a number of the states in the US. In leaving, these women also need to be requested to leave their passports at the airport.

Either way, Ms. Arquette and her followers, need to read up on history and check out the laws of the land, before making erroneous statements or fostering leftist disinformation as truth.

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