Biden Bashes The MAGA Crowd: Bizarre Interview

In a bizarre interview, President Joe Biden bashes the MAGA crowd, calling them "the most extreme political organization in history." Given that the MAGA movement stands for smaller government, fiscal responsibility, and conservative values, its no surprise that the far Left would find those principles abhorrent.

In the video, where the slight on conservatives is mentioned, an interviewer posed a question to Biden, "What is the next step on Abortion once this case gets settled?" The speaker is referring to the possible overturn to Roe v. Wade that was leaked at the Supreme court on Monday. By the end of Bidens response, which was a rambling of various past topics and long ago discussions, the listeners have forgotten what the original question was. The only takeaway of memorable merit is the snide remark about MAGA.

Considering past American history, the Tea Party movement (or Sons of Liberty) were born out of frustration with the government. They were labelled in many disparaging ways and defamed by its government. At the MAGA crowds core is not a political organization, its a movement, cemented in conservative standards and principles.

Given all of the political organizations over history, Bidens remarks is so obscene. The MAGA crowd is made up of patriotic Americans. It would be more correct to say that "extreme organizations" are Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Especially in the last decade where both of those groups have terrorized and vandalized both its cities and its citizens. Whereas MAGA just want to see their country succeed. It's clear that Biden is out of touch with mainstream America.

By demonizing MAGA, Biden is in essence, attacking American citizens. People who value: God, Family, and Community. Apparently all the things that the Left hate. We'll have to wait and see what happens with Roe v. Wade, but it's clear that the MAGA crowd is making waves, and they aren't going away anytime soon.

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