Fauci To Resign if Trump Returns to Power – A Positive For Liberty of Conscience

 May 18, 2022

The ever-dramatic Dr. Anthony Fauci made a recent threat, to resign his office should Donald Trump return to the White House in 2024. Most of America will be watching to see him make this a realty, should Trump decide to run successfully.

The master of fearmongering himself, who has been a central instigator in the COVID 19 continuing drama, has threatened to actually go away. Wow, wouldn’t that be a huge plus! He would certainly leave his job a lot richer thanks to the Wuhan, China debacle. America has not gotten the straight truth out of Fauci yet.

I’m sure Trump would be pleased at his exit, as would most of America. He has held the US captive to his forever vacillating opinions and little is being done to reign him in. He changes his mind on what is critical to this pandemic like a child at a candy counter. It’s ridiculous!

His leaving means he might be actively investigated and maybe be held accountable for his role and misinformation, with regard to the COVID virus and the role he played in it’s existence, that he has yet to explain to the American people.  Moreover, his constant vacillation on isolation, masking and other COVID related restrictions are what feed his “I’m important – listen to my expert opinion” meter. The man is an insatiable media hound. He would do interviews on store brands of band-aides if he was asked.

If he resigns, Fauci won’t know what to do with himself. He will be robbed of TV interviews, speaking engagements and general power posturing for the left that he seems to be so good at.

In an interview on CNN Sunday,  Fauci indicated his concern at Trumps ability to handle a threat or other public health emergency. When ask if he would want to stay on at his post he replied -

“No…adding “If you look at the history of what the response was during the administration, I think, you know, at best, you can say it wasn’t optimal,” and “History will speak for itself about that.”

- Dr. Anthony Fauci

Fauci’s dislike of Trump was made plain on several occasions. He was antagonistic towards him when he -questioned the Trump administration’s vaccine rollout efficiency, accused the former president of “poisoning the well” on vaccinations, and publicly challenged Trump’s ability to keep his promises to protect all Americans during the peak of the pandemic.

Again, Fauci seems to be the only one with all the answers, perhaps because President Trump did not consult him on policy making, like he felt he should. Much like a petulant child, Fauci regards himself as the only one in the room and all eyes should be upon him. His selfish demeanor and power posturing personality likely disqualified him as someone Trump would consider a “team player”.

Besides enjoying correcting the former president on several occasions, Fauci complained that the Trump Administration was divisive and made his job hard. Poor Fauci. Again, if he can’t run the show he doesn’t want to play, deflecting his inability to control others as a problem with them. With all the whining that he is currently doing – you would think he is having a hard time now as well.

However, since being tapped as the Chief Medical Advisor to the Biden administration in 2021, he has had a free-wheeling, easy sailing time and Joe hangs on his every word. Maybe he is just so used to the height of his own larger than life persona – he just can’t imagine having to work with someone who might demand some serious work out of him and expect him to be a team member. He is too important after all it seems.

Either way, his exit will be freedom’s gain here in the US. If Trump does run and Fauci resigns his post, America will be a better place.

Fearmongering has no place in an Administration that’s focus is on the health of the nation, seeking to encourage its citizens in their freedom-to-choose, on behalf of themselves and their children without threat, and is founded on disseminating the actual facts for good or ill.

Freedom of choice through liberty of conscience is something America holds dear. It is worth losing the help of someone who struggles to understand the concept, because his focus is on forcing compliance to control others.

“The liberty of conscience, which above all other things ought to be to all men dearest and most precious.”

John Milton
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