Do Gun Types Matter When Lives Are At Risk?

 June 5, 2022

Because the shooter in Uvalde Texas was in the room for 40 minutes, Bill Maher, host of HBO’s Real Time argued that - It wouldn’t have mattered what kind of gun the shooter had possessed, the fact that any kind of gun, could do any amount of damage in that time.

Maher, made his comments on Friday’s broadcast stating-

(we)“could take away a lot of different kinds of guns,” he continued , “[T]here was a second outrage about the fact that the cops stood outside and didn’t do anything, and this is becoming a pattern in America. Parkland, there was a cop there — or a security guard didn’t do his job. The Mandalay Bay [shooting], the guy went up to the wrong floor and stayed there. What do you do about people who are paid to act and just don’t? How do you solve that problem? Because I mean, they could take away a lot of different kinds of guns — I mean, this kid was in the room for 40 minutes before anybody came in. It wouldn’t have mattered what kind of gun he had. Any kind of gun could do any amount of damage in that time.”

-Bill Maher, Host of HBO’s “Real Time,”

Maher’s point is well taken, in that this kind of hands-off intervention, at the height of an event has become the standard for law enforcement. Then, by everyone placing blame on the kind of weapon used, the real problem of - why was the school was so vulnerable? - can be skirted. There are questions that demand answers.

These targeted areas of attack have been known to be subject to, being preyed upon by the emotionally sick, the classically attention seeking and downright mentally non-functional members of American society. While these challenged persons need help – these areas of vulnerability (schools especially) needed “hardened” to reduce their present susceptibility to injury or attack.

It is a very real issue of, how do we turn this situation around? Since 2013, when Senator Ted Cruz tried to affect positive change in these vulnerabilities – there was definite resistance on the part of the democratic party to block his efforts. Why would logical thinking persons do this and what is the motivation behind such a spirit of uncooperativeness? Now we have many dead and wounded in a situation that was likely preventable.

When will America focus its attention on the greater issue at heart in this matter and not just the symptom as they have come to know it?

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