WOKE Leftists Whine As ‘Top Gun’ Blockbuster Continues To Overperform

After only ten days in release, And with a domestic take nearing $300 million, ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ continues to make a simple point, that moviegoers of all ages will show up in mass if the focus is to entertain and inspire, not to make a political statement. The left is noticeably upset.

Leftists are incensed that a non-woke movie that doesn’t outright violate human nature with woke perversion, woke revisionism, and woke emasculation, not only is breaking records but is being embraced by conservatives and some liberals alike. The story is what moviegoers are coming for – not seeking a woke lecture. It doesn’t exist in this film.

That aside, ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ moviegoers aren’t losing that loving feeling, as the movie is destined to become Tom Cruise’s top-grossing movie ever at the domestic box office with $273.6M. Steven Spielberg’s 2005 sci-fi title ‘War of the Worlds’ at $234M, was the previous high earning title. In fact, is it doing well without a drop in sales for a second weekend. Most blockbusters fall by 60 percent or better. So, a second-weekend hold of just 46 percent of all movie goers is extraordinary. In short ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ has real staying potential and continues to benefit from repeat business.

Again, the liberal, woke left is beside themselves with saying a lot about a film with a great story line. Themes drive good movies. “Inclusion” and “diversity” are not themes. Instead, they’re watchwords spewed by over-educated, smug, shallow bullies whose self-esteem is not based on anything remotely related to character and integrity. ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ focuses on masculinity, confidence and bravery – all things the leftists love to hate.

Mocking the film, and recent coverage  of it by Breitbart columnist John Nolte, Vanity Fair wrote-

Aside from the Defense Department propaganda inherent to most of Hollywood’s military-themed creations, the film is not overtly political in a way that is recognizable to Americans who have grown accustomed to Air Force flyovers at the Super Bowl and World Series. In many regards, Top Gun: Maverick feels like a product of the ’80s—a decade that saw the U.S. invading countries like Grenada and Panama while also in the throes of the Cold War with Russia. And like the original 1986 movie, it is an exhilarating, beautifully produced military recruitment ad that favors neither Republican nor Democratic sensibilities. It manages to portray a conflict over nuclear weapons as downright fun.

Despite acknowledging that he had not seen the film, Breitbart columnist John Nolte preemptively lauded Top Gun: Maverick as a “masculine, pro-American, stridently non-woke blockbuster,” adding, “Rather than apologize for being an ’80s ‘relic,’ it embraced what everyone loved in 1986 and still loves today.” While citing a number of Hollywood’s “woke flops,” Nolte wrote that Top Gun: Maverick avoided that fate by “respect[ing] human nature” and eschewing progressive commentary. “It didn’t do what James Bond did—turn itself into a mewling little pajama boy gerbil of a movie,” he added. “It didn’t do what Star Wars did and pervert a romantic adventure series into a shrill Womyn’s Studies lecture.”

-Vanity Fair

In its’ defensive headline covering ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, Salon made this statement-

“No, ‘Top Gun’ isn’t an anti-woke success story, but rather a tribute to aging Tom Cruise and balls,”


Another liberal resource The Guardian had to make excuses in its’ defensive headline –

“No, Top Gun: Maverick’s success isn’t down to being pro-America and anti-woke.” And “apolitical[.]”

- The Guardian

The left cannot stand the fact that this movie is a success, while leaving any of their woke tenants out of it. Nor can they tolerate that ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ and has not been re-written into a woke movie that focuses on an aging loser shamed into action by a feminist.

The left has to find a way to soften the blow of their own woke rejection, attempting to make excuses for the success of the film that portrays the fact that Americans don’t go to movies to celebrate inclusion and diversity.

As Americans, we don’t dwell on our differences, like the petty color of our skin. But instead, we come together as one to get the job done. Without fanfare, Americans of all kinds, unite together as one powerful resource to accomplish a task. This doesn’t include standing around weighing out our differences.

With their own versions of Woke films flopping at the box office like: In the Heights, Wonder Woman 1984, Charlie’s Angels, Men In Black International, Birds of Prey, Ghostbusters 3,The 355 and Terminator Dark…just to name a few – they are finding out that films focusing on the celebration of inclusion and diversity just don’t sell at the box office. Truly “go woke, go broke” seems to be a hard lesson the leftist, woke crowd doesn’t seem to understand. Likely the woke left cannot admit that their poor choices, with resulting bad outcomes, are of their own making – it’s easier to blame others.

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