Democrat Senators Walk Out In Protest Of Bill That Bans Racism

 January 23, 2022

A bizarre turn of events in Mississippi highlights the true racism of the left. Fourteen Democrat Mississippi State senators stormed out of the Senate chambers Friday in protest of a bill that literally bans racism.

The bill leftist senators protested states the following:

(1) No public institution of higher learning, community/junior college, school district or public school, including public charter schools, shall direct or otherwise compel students to personally affirm, adopt or adhere to any of the following tenants:

(a) That any sex, race, ethnicity, religion or national origin is inherently superior or inferior; or

(b) That individuals should be adversely treated on the basis of their sex, race, ethnicity, religion or national origin.


Mississippi Republicans are baffled by the protest as it seemed this could be something both sides could agree on, but apparently not.

The likely reason for the leftist protest was the fact that Critical Race Theory (CRT) would likely no longer be allowed in schools under this bill, which says a lot about both the left and CRT.

However, by protesting this bill, the Democrat Senators of Mississippi make it clear that they have no interest in fighting real racism. Rather, they would teach children that they should be judged by the color of their skin and not the content of their character.

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