Virginia Democrats Fight to Keep Sexually Explicit Materials in Public Schools

 January 22, 2022

In a horrifying but unsurprising turn of events, Virginia Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to keep sexually explicit materials in public schools.

This comes amid Virginia House of Delegates consideration of a bill that would require school boards to notify parents when sexually explicit materials are being introduced into the curriculum, but the Democrats don't want that to happen.

They say it's a violation of "the First Amendment right to academic freedom."

This is just the latest in a long line of liberal outrages. The left always claims to be the champions of free speech, but when it comes to things they don't like, they're quick to throw that freedom out the window.

The bottom line is that they want our kids to be exposed to graphic sexual images and videos without our knowledge or consent.

This is a clear assault on the traditional family. Virginia Democrats are trying to destroy American values and undermine our children's moral development.

This outrage is just the latest in the drawn out assault that has been the culture war that seeks to claim our youth.

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