China Approves $458 Million Coal Project Amid Power Crisis

 July 23, 2022

While the U.S power grids struggle, in triple digit heat across the country, this summer, we wrestle with an energy crisis of our own making, because the Biden Administration has deliberately flattened the fossil fuel industry. Loathe to use coal responsibly, we fall further and further behind our allies and even our adversaries. What Biden and his progressive left have done to America is beyond belief. Even, China, who you can bet is using slave labor - is planning to survive.

According to Reuters, China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) said Thursday it approved a coal mine project worth 3.1 billion yuan ($458 million) in the country’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Quoting the NEA, as of July 21-

“The project has annual production capacity of 4 million tonnes a year, with phase one at 1.2 million tonnes and phase two at 2.8 million tonnes [sic],”

       -China’s National Energy Administration

Suffering from rolling blackouts ,across several provinces, starting in the summer of 2021 that continued into the spring of 2022, China’s electric grids inability to provide China with sufficient energy has worsened in recent months amid a national heat wave. The state electric grid is primarily fueled by coal power ,and has struggled with periodic failings, for years.

Confirming its approval of this mining project, through a press release issued on May 24, the NEA said the new coal mining site would be built in the banner, or administrative division, of Zhungeer, which itself is administered by Inner Mongolia’s Ordos City. One of the stated state-run goals, in approving a new mining site, in Zhungeer, was to help “ensure stable energy supply.”.

Reportedly, according to China’s state-run Global Times, Li Keqiang, premier of China’s State Council, in remarks directed toward energy officials on June 21-

 “urged tapping into advanced coal capacity, securing power supply and resolutely preventing power outages amid the peak summer season,”

-Li Keqiang, premier of China’s State Council

With an ongoing heat wave, that has tested China’s state power grid, approximately one dozen provinces across China’s north, central, and eastern regions logged record-high power usage throughout June. Accordingly, the spike in electricity demand corresponded. Officially, this network, the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), supplies electricity to more than 1.1 billion people in China and covers demand across 26 municipalities, provinces, and regions.

According to Bloomberg, the site, Ordos, recently announced coal mine plant, comprises one of the 12 major subdivisions of the northern Chinese territory, is located in inner Mongolia’s. Located about 350 miles west of Beijing, China’s national capital, it the city is considered a Chinese “mining hub,”. On April 25, they reported -

“Inner Mongolia accounted for about a quarter of national coal output last year, and as such maintaining its production would be critical to preventing a repeat of the power crisis that struck China in the fall,”

-Bloomberg News

Reportedly in March, Xinhua, China’s official state press agency, referring to Inner Mongolia’s coal output, claimed that it-

“exceeded 1 billion tonnes” last year. [allowing the territory to transmit] “246.7 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity out of the region in 2021, ranking first in China for 17 consecutive years.”

- Xinhua, China’s Official State Press Agency

As far back as November of 2021, China has been focused on thinking ahead. According to Breitbart News, Meng Haijun, a spokesman for China’s State Grid Corp., told the state-run China Daily -

[They plan to] “increase and stabilize” [China’s power supply] “by tapping the potential of all kinds of resources, while closely tracking the thermal coal and gas supply, and coordinating power transmission across different regions to ensure the safety of the grid,”

            - China Daily

Again, the U.S. government is not focused on helping the average American survive, by keeping prices low and our own electric grids flowing, as much as they (the left) are seeing how much the average tax-payer can shoulder, of the oppressive outcomes that Joe Biden and his progressive, green new deal leftists can dish out. Even China, our biggest adversary, is smart enough to think ahead and prepare to keep the lights on there. Even the communists seemingly have a better plan than Joe.

This president and his leftist party are working hard to force America into their own form of socialism. America needs to stop him, before adversaries like China (who are prepared) come knocking at our shores.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

-Benjamin Franklin

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