BLM Scandal: Charity Co-Founder Buys Mansion With Public Money

 April 15, 2022

The BLM scandal is making headlines as more information comes to light about how the charity spent its public money. One of the co-founders has been caught spending millions of dollars on a lavish mansion. In turn the founder is not happy about the "restrictions" that the IRS is putting on them with charity rules. It has raised questions on how the charity is spending its money. This is a clear example of why rules are in place to govern how charities spend their funds and why proper documentation is essential.

This is why organizations like Charity Watch are there to help protect the publics donations to nonprofit groups. They have brought attention to BLM's lack of proper documentation and have placed them on their watch list, insuring a company audit. People are hollering fraud and BLM is feeling the heat. Its scandalous that they made money from the George Floyd incident and who knows, beyond the multi-million dollar mansion, what else they bought or spent the charitable funds on.

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