Heiress Abigail Disney – Another Rich Leftist Mouthpiece

Abigail Disney is trying her hand at developing sympathy for her socialist agenda. She wants all the little people to have no difficulty in living, though she herself has lived in privilege as heiress to the Disney fortune. Her Great Uncle, Walt Disney together with her grandfather Roy Disney, built an empire on selling the public an idealized version of Main Street, USA, focusing on positive family entertainment and developing a fairy tale like atmosphere to provide America an opportunity to find hope, rest and a place to be family. Her fortune has been built by an industry that has inspired many a dream. She apparently never experienced that hope because she demonstrates by her actions that she doesn’t understand the dream. Abigail Disney is a product of her own entrapment between the family business and the luxuries it has provided her.

Truly if that dream has been built over time on the backs of Disney employees that she feels have not been treated as fairly, perhaps her attack should be on the Disney Board of Directors who it seems are paid well (Disney CEO Bob Chapek compensation package is reported to be $32.5 million) and not the society that the business has supported that has made her rich, namely the American Family. Why are persons of wealth so bent on changing society to suit themselves or their perceptions of what reality should be?

Further, what is it about not living in the reality of the economics of the day that makes them feel they can be crusaders for justice? How does she tangibly help those underpaid Disney staffers? By attacking the American family.

Her form of misguided help is to lend her voice to the left-wing agenda that wants to subvert, reorganize and basically destroy the nuclear family – never mind what they are paid. Money or the lack thereof is not the root of all evil, the hearts of people hold that honor (or dishonor as the case may be). When you seek to throw money at anything it solves nothing.

Without a moral perspective on how to treat others, money means nothing. It buys stuff but it cannot buy happiness. Feeling altruistic does not make it so. Working to make a better more equitable Disney that doesn’t feed the political agenda of a few would be a good place to begin. Presently Ms. Disney would rather attack America for its’ weaknesses rather than build on its’ strengths. Lobbying the likes of Disney CEO, Bob Chapek and his Board would be a better investment of her time.

Every society has its positives and negatives but attacking the negatives without regard for the goodness / greatness to be found, is why Disney has lost its’ way. Together with Ms. Disney, the company itself is attacking the traditional American values that it was build upon. Her influence as peddled now demonstrates an ignorance of what parents need to do to protect their own offspring, such as the Parents Bill of Educational Rights that she lobbied Disney to oppose.

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