Bill Clinton Foolishly Downplays Subway Crime And Mocks Zeldin During Hochul Endorsement

By Ken on
 November 7, 2022
By Ken on

On Fox News, Democracy 2022, The Mid-terms, anchor Martha MacCallum sits down with “Fox & Friends Weekend” panel, to discuss former President Bill Clinton's endorsement of Gov. Kathy Hochul, and Democrats' alleged “pandering” to Hispanic voters.

In this segment, Clinton’s remarks downplay and even mock Lee Zeldin, her opponent for attacking Hochuls' position on providing police in the subways, where actual bodily harm has increased of late. Fearful New Yorkers are at actual risk and Clinton demonstrates just how out of touch with reality the Democrats are. Further, this little stunt, shows how far Clinton has slipped in his ability to speak to the American people and be really heard. While poking fun at Zeldin, the former president commented that-

 “Lee Zeldin makes it sound like Kathy Hochul gets up every morning, goes to the nearest subway stop and hands out billy-clubs and baseball bats, to everybody that gets on the subway.... Looks like he auditioning to replace Dwayne Johnson in all those movies.” (emphasizing his point by hulking up his shoulders)

-Former President Bill Clinton

That people are being severely, injured and threatened with being pushed off platforms, into oncoming trains, is no laughing matter. The panel with MacCallum goes on to discuss that Clinton used to be “the best closer of all time” giving him credit for saving Obama, in his last election, with his brilliant statesmen like comments, now she projects-

 …“this is a bad closing argument” adding “this is not funny, there’s nothing funny about this” and “people know that when they go down into the subway they have their heart in their throat”…”people are not laughing”.

-Martha MacCallum, Fox News Anchor

The panel also discusses the number of “heavy hitters” that the Democratic Party has rolled out in the last days before this election in New York – trying to save Huchul. That Democrats are needing to do this, in fact, in New York (typically an easy blue event), they discuss, demonstrates their lack of confidence across the nation in various races.

The panel goes on to discuss the influence of the Hispanic vote in this election, referring to a recent piece, last week by The Atlantic, entitled “Why Democrats Are Losing Hispanic Voters”. The article went on to say that-

“… Hispanics have begun abandoning the Democratic Party, defying generations of political patterns… The very thing that breathed life into the Democratic Party… 20 years ago the focus on identity and inclusion – is making it more popular with white voters and less popular with Hispanic voters…”

-The Atlantic

They discuss how “over the last ten to twelve years” this has been occurring in both the Hispanic community as well as the black community. They noted that numbers from these two sectors of voters have “moved with every election” to the Republican party, largely because they care about basic American issues like “safety, education and the economy”.

They go on to identify these voters as the “working class” with “working class values”, who are not as apt to listen to the Democrats any longer, who want to consider and pander to their “race” rather than their status as Americans. Especially, since the Democratic party is now, the panels say, are the party of “the progressive and wealthy voters”.

They close by displaying, some obvious failed attempts by the Democrats to showcase their Spanish skill sets, as they address Hispanic voters – only to state how embarrassingly, the pandering is “so sad”. Not only do they discuss the Democratic party transformation – they discuss the changes made in the Republican party, seven years ago in the wake of Donald Trump and the caliber of republican candidates that have followed, including as also central, the hard work of Kevin McCarthy, nationwide, in urging those persons to run.

A great point of emphasis on explaining the current, desperation of the Democrats – just before the mid-term elections, this segment also plainly states, the shift in direction, of both parties, and the reaction of American voters for and against what they now stand for.

"The future of this republic is in the hands of the American voter."

-Dwight D. Eisenhower

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