Biden Welcomes Ukraine Refugees Despite Clear Conflicts for US

 March 13, 2022

This past Friday President Biden proclaimed “We are going to welcome Ukrainian refugees
with open arms if in fact they come all the way here”. This marks his ongoing commitment
to open border policies despite poor polling numbers.

While the White House Ukrainian refugee policy forces asylum seekers to finding their own way to the U.S., there is no intention of turning anyone away.

Refugees from the Ukraine are already flying into Mexico intending to seek asylum at
the U.S.- Mexico border.

The easy migration rules set by Biden’s pro-migration border chief Alejandro Mayorkas underscores the White House's continued pandering to groups claiming that all immigrants must be accepted because the US is a “Nation of Immigrants”.

This policy effectively makes the US an economic target for anyone seeking access to American freedom without having to qualify as a citizen. Eventually, “I’m seeking asylum” will be all the justification needed to cross the U.S. border.

Extraction migration has no seeming stopping point. It harms ordinary Americans who have immigrated here legitimately or through proper channels and is nothing more than pandering for votes and poll numbers while leaving the average American at risk.

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