Disney Halts Russia Operations to Divert Attention from Controversy over LGBTQ Activism

 March 13, 2022

The Walt Disney Co. continues its close relationship with communist China yet appears to be perfectly happy to play the part of a morally upright organization by suspending all business in Russia.

Pretending to take a stand against the invasion of Ukraine does not dismiss the hypocrisy of doing business with a country that has a well-established record of human rights atrocities.

Disney is sending a clear message that they do not care about doing what is right or taking a stand against oppression. The Company would appear to be committed to “family values,” as long as it doesn’t harm their bottom line. Clearly, profits are their real concern.

As noble as they would like us to think it is, their decision to halt operations in Russia is more likely an attempt to divert attention away from the company’s choice to publicly condemn Florida’s recent Parental Rights in Education bill.

This bill empowers parents to opt their children (kindergarten through third grade) out of curriculum that they find objectionable. This would include the teaching of sexuality and transgenderism.

It is clear that Disney is more concerned with protecting its profit margin than it is with standing up for what is right. They would rather turn a blind eye to human rights abuses and cave to LGBTQ activists than risk offending a powerful government or losing profits.

Disney’s hypocrisy is on full display for the world to see. They are not fooling anyone:

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