Biden Tests Positive Again COVID Moves Back Into Isolation 

 July 31, 2022

Announcing Saturday that he would return to isolation, President Joe Biden who tested  positive again for coronavirus, tweeted-

“Folks, today I tested positive for COVID again,”

-President Joe Biden

Dr. Kevin O’Connor, The president’s physician, said in a letter to the public the reoccurrence of the virus was “rebound COVID,” He added that this circumstance is something that takes place with some patients treated with PAXLOVID, stating that Biden tested negative on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday before testing positive on Saturday.

After participating in in-person events earlier in the week, Biden said he would again isolate himself from the public.

Biden stated-

“I’ve got no symptoms but I am going to isolate for the safety of everyone around me,”


“I’m still at work, and will be back on the road soon,”

-President Joe Biden

Plans to travel to his home in Delaware on Sunday, will likely be canceled as well as his scheduled to travel to Michigan on Tuesday. Biden reaffirmed that he would continue working, despite the renewed positive test.

Experiencing his own rebound in June, Dr. Anthony Fauci was also treated with Paxlovid after catching the virus.

Treated a second time with Paxlovid as symptoms returned, Fauci defended the treatment for keeping him out of the hospital.

Though Biden has been treated to slow or stop the virus from replicating with Paxlovid, he likely will be slowing down even more as he continues to recover. This virus once contracted seems to zap the energy levels of all who are infected by it. For Biden this means he might be subject to doing less all the way around. Depending on your politics this could be a good or bad thing.

While many on social media wish the president well, many are suspicious of the timing of his illness, looking for more drama out of the White House pre-election. Though America wishes him a speedy recovery, many are poised to see what, if any affect, this will have on his already “frail” work schedule, and who might step in to help out. With  Joe or Kamala polling barely in the double digits these days, it remains to be seen how this all will play out. Keeping a watchful eye out, as well as an ear to the ground, might prevent Americans from getting run over, by the far off - but eminent, Democratic freight train planned for America’s November elections.

“There are times when fear is good. It must keep its watchful place at the heart's controls”

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