Biden Slams Senate Republicans For Asking Tough Questions

 April 11, 2022

In a scathing attack, President Joe Biden slammed Senate Republicans for asking tough questions about his Supreme Court Justice’s judicial record during her confirmation hearings. Judge Jackson stumbled over questions posed by the Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, raising doubts about her abilities. It was the job of the committee to ascertain whether she was fit for the role, and Biden should be thanking them for their due diligence instead of attacking them.

Every nominee must go through rigid interviews, President Biden knew that even Jackson would have to work through them like everyone prior. His slam on the Republican Senate is harsh and unjust. He even said that is would be “painful and difficult” process. If they made this easy, wouldn't less qualified people be in those seats?

Biden continues his criticism on the Senate members regardless of the hypocrisy he spouts. Back in 1991, he himself gave Justice Clarence Thomas quite a grilling with accusations of a sexual assault in that confirmation hearing.

Once again the we see two faced politicians at work. What worked for them then doesn't work for their personal goals now.
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