Trump Endorses Dr. Oz In US Senate Race, Causes Unease Among Many Supporters

 April 12, 2022

Saturday, Former President Donald Trump endorsed celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate Race. Apparently, this is his attempt to weigh in on the celebrity Drs. falling poll numbers and target him for success. Recent polls however found that Oz is trailing businessman David McCormick, the current frontrunner in the race.

Despite this fact, Trump declared it’s...

“all about winning elections in order to stop the Radical Left maniacs from destroying our Country.”

Sounds like a good point of strategy. In fact, that may sum things up from his perspective in that Trump is willing to take a political risk with his own support base to get someone with name recognition there that can win the Senate seat in PA. Hopefully, Trump has some assurances from Oz that he will be a cooperative asset were he to actually obtain the seat.

His own base of followers, were upset regarding this endorsement, some stating that he has been poorly advised in this case. One MAGA supporter said  “Oz is the antithesis of everything that made Trump the best president of my lifetime”. With Hollywood clearly lining up behind the democratic challenger, Malcolm Kenyatta there needs to be a plan of action. So, let’s see what Trumps’ strategy will net the country and not just the Republican National Committee (RNC). Perhaps this is a battle to be considered as a stepping stone to ultimately winning the war.

There even appears to be a clear division of those supporting either candidate from the well-connected members of the RNC such as Senator Ted Cruz, Sarah Hukabee and Kellyanne Conway supporting McCormick while Fox New Commentator Sean Hannity, former Trump HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson and Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-Pa.) are supporting Dr. Oz.. Again, the State of Pennsylvania will have to decide.

Trumps most fervent supporters question this endorsement because they believe that Dr. Oz, a Turkish-American TV physician, got to where he is by spending time with the Hollywood crowd and has shown himself to be unstable on key issues like abortion and “America First”. They don’t see him as trustworthy by comparison to fellow candidate Dave McCormick, a hometown favorite, a decorated US Army veteran and the candidate who has ex-Trump administration official Hope Hicks on his team.

Either way, it will be an interesting race to follow. With seven candidates on the republican ticket

going into the primaries, to have Trump stumping for Dr. Oz certainly gives his campaign a boost. Trumps initial pick was Sean Parnell, whom he had previously supported but Mr. Parnell, dropped out amid a contentious custody battle with his estranged wife last fall.

In endorsing Oz Trump said:

“Dr. Oz is Pro-Life, very strong on Crime, the Border, Election Fraud, our Great Military, and our Vets, Tax Cuts, and will always fight for and support our under-siege Second Amendment. He will ensure America will become Energy Independent again. Dr. Oz also passionately believes in high-quality education and protecting parent involvement throughout the process.”


“He knows his job is to serve every single Pennsylvanian Dr. Oz is smart, tough, and will never let you down, therefore, he has my Complete and Total Endorsement.” finishing with…“Good luck, Dr. Oz. our Country needs you!”

As May 17th approaches, perhaps comments from the candidates themselves will manifest a clearer picture of their true stand for America, perhaps even in live debate. This will be the best test of what they do believe in or not. As endorsements pour in for both candidates – time will tell.

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