Biden Slammed For Puerto Rico “Gaff” – Or Outright Lie?

By Ken on
 October 5, 2022
By Ken on

Fox and Friends First, host Tomi Lahren weighs in, on Biden's recent gaffe during his visit to Puerto Rico (PR), and news that AOC had NY Mayor Adams “Tent City” dismantled, because it was in her district, and news that El Paso Democrats are quietly busing migrants using government money.

During his visit to Puerto Rico, Joe Biden tried to identify with the citizens there claiming that he was-

 “raised in the PR community at home”….(just after saying that) there is a large population of PR in Delaware”.

-President Joe Biden

What he didn’t actually know or say, was that the percent of PR immigrants in Delaware, when he was elected all those years ago to the US Senate was only .039%. They go on to discuss the fact that though he was likely trying to find some relatable way to approach the PR community – the gaff (or in this case an outright confabulation) just got him into more trouble with those who know better.

When will Biden realize that fact checking is the name of the game politically? The hosts continue to lament over the laughability of what this president says, and then the lamentability of what he says, when we consider that this is the “leader of the free world”. His comments continue to portray a tragedy of epic proportions.

They go on to discuss that Representative AOC in New York, who complained that the Tent City for Migrants that Mayor Adams has been erecting at taxpayers’ expense, which is in her district, is not to her liking stating. AOC reportedly said - “ I think we can get to a place with a better solution here”…. Adams therefore immediately began dismantling it.

Obviously, AOC does not want these migrants in her district either. So much for being welcomed into this sanctuary city. The discussion leads to the Biden administration, it’s policies regarding the U.S. southern border and the hypocrisy of Democrats who defend it.

They go on to bring out the fact that, Democrats in El Paso, Texas, with the assistance of the White House, apparently, are using federal funds (i.e. American tax-dollars) to quietly bus migrants into American communities, saying it is a “humanitarian” effort, demonstrating that the hypocrisy of the Democrats is astounding. Unbelievable!

R.J. Hauman, from the Federation For Immigration Reform, said of this news –

“The hypocrisy on display right now by the Democrats and coastal elites is a thing to behold. Transporting illegal aliens into American communities is either perfectly fine or inhumane…”

- R.J. Hauman, Federation For Immigration Reform

This is an informative discussion of the ongoing hypocritical position of the Democratic Party, who want to tout the necessity for open borders, stating they have sanctuary cities where “all are welcome”, however when reality gets off of the page and into their communities, necessitating an explanation, as to why their districts are overflowing with migrants, they want nothing to do with it. Again, epically tragic.

“The truth does not require a majority to prevail, ladies and gentlemen. The truth is its own power. The truth will out. Never forget that”.

-Rush Limbaugh
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