Biden Side-Steps Congressional Authority On Student Loan Forgiveness & Pelosi Flip Flops To Support Him

 August 26, 2022

President Biden this week, in an unprecedented manner, sidestepped congressional authority, using his executive powers and rewrote the student loan forgiveness program, already in place under the Obama administration. Last year this time, Nancy Pelosi, went before the American public and announced that the President of the United States “could not forgive student loans” but could only delay or defer the payment on them. Now that Joe Biden has spent additional billions on student loan forgiveness, under his executive order, Pelosi is now flip-flopping.

Pelosi, it seems is now apparently re-interpreting the law, to come up with the excuse that he, apparently, can sidestep congressional authority. She knows that what she is doing, is supporting him unlawfully. Further, Joe Biden doesn’t seem to care, that he is authorizing money to be spent that is the job of Congress. He just wants to buy votes for the mid-term and he doesn’t care how. This additional cost to the tax-payers is staggering.

With runaway inflation, in the midst of a recession, American taxpayers are being “hosed” yet again by this president and his far-left progressive party. While billions of dollars will be spent in the direction of those people who took on student loan debt, and now wish to be freed of it,  - the American taxpayer, many of whom worked years to pay their own way in school, made choices that denied themselves other opportunities so they could be responsible – now  are forced to cover the cost of higher education for the left who want American Socialism. Where does this runaway train stop?

This country is not being run like a constitutional republic, but rather like a communist dictatorship, Joe writes it and America pays for it, seemingly across-the-board. This man and his party have got to be stopped. It may take decades for America to recover from the first half of his presidential term alone. This nation needs to be very aware of the cost of this one man and his party, to our children and grandchildren, let alone to the tax-payers at present.

Joe Biden (and Nancy Pelosi who supports him), billionaires themselves, do not care whether the American people have any money in their wallet, can care for their families, or are able to exercise their constitutional freedoms. He just wants to call the shots and let others pay for it. Buyer Beware!

“How do you tell a Communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.”

-Ronald Reagan
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