ACLU Supports Use of Same Drugs on Trans-Kids That It Once Fought For Chemical Castration of Sex Offenders

 August 27, 2022

Previously opposed to the administration of a drug to chemically castrate sex offenders, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), is now advocating for children, to be able to take these same chemically castrating drugs, as puberty blockers. In fact, about one year ago, the ACLU was a vocal opponent, of a law in Alabama, that mandated chemical castration on certain convicted sex offenders. Medroxyprogesterone acetate, the drug used for this chemical castration, is also used as a puberty blocker. It reportedly is a widely used progestin in feminizing hormone therapy.

One common medical intervention, prescribed for children struggling with gender dysphoria, is the administration of drugs that are used off-label as puberty blockers. Medroxyprogesterone acetate, isn’t the only drug that has been used both for chemical castration and puberty blocking. Referred to as Lupron, leuprolide acetate, is commonly used, off-label, as a puberty blocker and it has also been used to chemically castrate sex offenders. Same drug, two different but related uses.

Randall Marshall, former Executive Director of the ACLU of Alabama, called the practice of chemical castration “medical experimentation,” claiming, at the time, that its use “has no basis in the medical community.”

A policy analyst with the ACLU of Alabama, Dillon Nettles, said the law-

 “presents serious issues, involving involuntary medical treatment, informed consent, privacy and cruel and unusual punishment.”

- Dillon Nettles, Analyst ACLU

However, while the ACLU has vocally opposed the use of Medroxyprogesterone acetate on convicted sex offenders, they have referred to its use as-

 “gender affirming care” (for children, which includes the use of puberty blockers,) “medically necessary” and even “life-saving.”


In fact, Deputy Director of the ACLU LGBTQ and HIV Project, Chase Strangio, spoke out in favor of what is euphemistically called “gender affirming care” on behalf of the organization. The change of focus, has been on such a large scale, that the ACLU joined two other organizations, in filing a lawsuit that challenging Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s directive, stating that sex change attempts on youth are a form of child abuse. Essentially, the ACLU’s change of heart can be traced to the presence of direct funding – just follow the money.

Apparently, the ACLU received a six-figure donation from a leftist, transgender billionaire named Jennifer Pritzker last year, with several other members of the Pritzker family, having advanced the transgender movement. The Pritzker Foundation, has given $15 million to Chicago’s Lurie Children’s Hospital, which assists in sex change attempts.

The $101,000 donation to the ACLU from Pritzker specifically went towards fighting what was referred to as “anti-transgender” laws in Tennessee. The ACLU has also received $15 million from Jon Stryker, the heir to a medical technology empire, who gave the money to fund the ACLU’s attempt to counter state bills that oppose transgender ideology. So, the ACLU – can be bought. This is no surprise, however. it does strip the organization of what little credibility it had to begin with. As with many other leftist groups – money, supporting their existence, for special projects, such as this cannot be discounted.

Decidedly for and against, the application of these drugs according to its usage, the ACLU demonstrates it’s poor review and analysis of the subject. If medical castration is “cruel and unusual punishment.” for adults, how can it be

“medically necessary” and “life-saving” for children? Their position makes no logical sense, except that they work for the special interest groups who fund them.

Whenever the ACLU gets involved in the care of America’s children, everyone should take notice. Known for their very financially determined positions – their involvement in a matter is sure to bend heavily in support of their foundation membership. A well-funded, politically motivated organization – the ACLU lacks nothing except credibility. America’s future, does not need help from an organization, up for grabs, to the highest bidder.

“Many politicians and advocates say they want to help people, they do, themselves.”

-C.A.A. Savastano
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