Biden Blames Putin for US Inflation, Claims It's Not Democrats' Fault

 March 12, 2022

President Biden's mind is best categorized as a runaway train.

His latest remarks on inflation are just another example of Biden's out-of-control rhetoric. His claim that inflation "is largely the fault of" Russian President Vladimir Putin flies in the face of the fact that inflation began rising well before Putin's invasion of the Ukraine. 

As the US economy heats up, with inflation rising to its highest level in nearly a decade, Biden’s comments leave no room for any accountability on the part of his administration. One only has to look at the facts to see the truth. They speak volumes.

The rise in inflation has been attributed to a number of factors, including the massive stimulus package of' $1.9 trillion in spending that was passed by the Democratic-controlled Congress. One fact that seems to escape Biden’s purview.

Another fact is that oil production in the US, along with other fossil fuels, have faced his administrations negative impact, at the urging of the progressive wing of his own political party. Gas / Diesel prices reflect this fact.

Further his remarks are likely to further stoke fears about inflation and the potential for higher interest rates, adding fuel to the fire of those who argue that the Democrats' spending is out of control.

This off the rails rhetoric is nothing new, but his latest claim that inflation is Putin’s fault is a new low. Biden would be better off focusing on the policies of his own party instead of blaming others for his own mistakes.

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