Biden Administration Torched For Literarily Wrecking Economy And Lying About It

By Ken on
 October 14, 2022
By Ken on

On Fox Business News show “Kudlow” with host Larry Kudlow, guests Katie Pavlich and Charlie Hurt, weigh in on key issues ahead of the midterm elections. Pavlich quickly calls attention to one of the highest priority issues with voters in the next two weeks building up to the election – that of this nations’ historic inflation. They touch on the various inflation fallouts, from food, gas, cars, household goods and even touch on the impending housing market collapse.

Pavlich goes on to discuss with Kudlow and Hurt the fact that Joe Biden, his administration and Democrats - through rampant spending, printing money and making decisions that are dealing a death knell to industries, such as fossil fuels, have literally created historic inflation that is disabling the ability of most Americans to just survive. And only after two short years.

Much of this they discuss is deliberate – all while Joe Biden and the Dems flat out lie and distort the actual truth to sound like everything is just fine. Americans, Hurt says, are not fooled and are feeling the effects at every level of life.

This segment is a good review of what Americans who vote Democrat in this election cycle can look forward to post election and down the road, versus the help they will find voting Republican this mid-term, with the hope of turning this economic catastrophe around.

“Our freedoms are vanishing. If you do not get active to take a stand now against all that is wrong while we still can, then maybe one of your children may elect to do so in the future, when it will be far more-riskier — and much, much harder.”

-Suzy Kassem,
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