Yale College Under Attack: Law Students Target Freedom Of Speech

 March 24, 2022

It is a sad day when one of our top colleges, Yale University, is under attack. The future of freedom and free speech is at risk as students are pushing for personal "virtue" instead of accepting different views and ideologies. This is the future generation and it is shocking to see how they are unable to understand our most basic human right.

College is suppose to be a time where young adults are challenged and learn how to have an intelligent discussion or debate about something they don't agree with. Not a place where people run away from anything that might make them feel uncomfortable. Our next generation is so emotionally stunted they can't related to anyone else's viewpoint. They instantly become defensive and everything is about their emotions.

In general, freedom of speech is thought to include the right:

- To express one's self without fear of retribution or censorship from the government.

- To seek and receive information and ideas from all sources.

- To engage in open discussion and debate on public issues.

But these students are demanding acceptance to their personal ideals and are unwilling to debate maturely. College should not be a place where everyone must adjust their thoughts to one specific stance. It is a place for learning and expanding ones horizons. If they cannot understand and accept different opinions, then our country is in trouble.

This is a very slippery slope that if not stopped now, will only get worse.

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