Woke TV Show Judge Walks Out After Jack In The Box Is Unmasked, Giuliani Unfazed

 April 23, 2022

The Masked Singer is a TV show that has been gaining in popularity ever since it first aired. The premise of the show is simple- celebrities dress up in costumes and masks to sing anonymously, and the judges must guess who they are. In the most recent episode, former New York Mayor, Rudy Giuliani made an appearance as a singer.

The judges' reactions were mixed, but Ken Jeong's reaction was particularly interesting. He never smiled, never congratulated Rudy Giuliani on his performance, and from the video, doesn't asked him any questions. What was going on there? The controversy that Giuliani was on the show was mentioned several times. The prejudice of Jeong, showing his displeasure over the contestant, can be seen every time the camera pans to the judges. Eventually not able to take it any longer, Jeong walks off the platform.

Rudy Giuliani's response to being on the show was quite wholesome, completely family-oriented, and applaudable. The fact that anyone could walkout shows that they're incapable of being impartial. Jeong needs to leave his personal feelings at the door and accept that everyone, even former lawyers and state governors needs a little family fun now and then.

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