Washington Post Calls Pregnant Women “Pregnant People”

 April 4, 2022

According to Fox News, Washington Post’s (WAPO) recent headline “ PREGNANT PEOPLE at MUCH HIGHER RISK of BREAKTHROUGH COVID, STUDY SHOWS” is drawing heavy criticism or as one commentator on the show stated… “they are being torched” for using the word “person” in their description of someone who is pregnant. Good for the those carrying the torches!

Fox reported that the word “person” was used in the Post’s article several times however “the word women only appeared once”. The discussion that ensued addressed the hosts opposition to this new development.

When asked by a female co-host to what he thought of the headline, Piers Morgan, the only man reporting at the time on camera physically bent over in obvious disgust putting his head down between his hands on the desk in front of him. As he rose to sit up he plaintively stated -  “Where do I start?... “I want to get pregnant” then added emphatically “…but the last time I checked, only women can get pregnant”.

Later in his comments, he made his central point “Why are we letting this tiny group of people dictate how we have to speak?" Obviously, the Post is taking its cues from the Biden Administrations clear lead in highlighting this “tiny group” perspective.

In its’ post Fox News gave a long pause - describing the fact that Federal Agencies are now using gender-neutral wording to keep in step with the democratic party’s woke leadership perspective. Fox showed these various examples. The CDC addressed the subject with “pregnant people”, the White House itself used the phrase “birthing people” and the Department of Justice used similar wording on the subject - “any individuals who become pregnant”. This is shockingly absurd.

This demonstration of racist woke policy and it’s trickle down affects are setting back women’s rights that have been hard fought to achieve over decades. As it was discussed in this report by Fox News, this last month was National Women’s Month and March 8th is National Women’s Day which is devoted to celebrating the achievements of women and seeking gender equality. What part of these accomplishments does the Biden Administration wish to invalidate? It would seem that anything having to do with the concept of a biological female is now on the chopping block. What a travesty! Does Joe Biden subscribe to calling his own mother his “birthing person”?

American women need to seriously oppose this annihilation of their national accomplishments, from voting rights, equal pay, abuse protections, work place opportunity equality, and so on. Where does it stop if you refrain from calling a pregnant female a woman or mother? There have to be some absolutes, otherwise all is relative and there is no standard America can subscribe to. If natural biological science is irrelevant, to what do we look to support our natural rights? This clear attack on humanity’s natural law is also an attack on America’s natural rights as the US Founders proclaimed them.

By definition a natural right is: “… those that are not dependent on the laws or customs of any particular culture or government, and so are universalfundamental and inalienable (they cannot be repealed by human laws, though one can forfeit their enjoyment through one's actions, such as by violating someone else's rights). Natural law is the law of natural rights.”  - Wikipedia

This administrations assault on the laws of God and man have reached an all-time low. Joe Biden and his cronies are even using US tax dollars to promote a radical political agenda that panders to these special interest groups and creates an environment of gender confusion, political wokeness and generally undermines the traditional values upon which this nation was established. America needs to stand against the use of their hard-earned dollars to promote this racist propaganda, send a clear and resolute message at the polls this fall that those who oppose natural law will not be elected and not shrink back from fighting this neutering program of the radical lefts’ socialist agenda.

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