USA Swimming Official Quits In Outrage Over Trans Athlete

Remember when the left pretended to care about women's rights? Now they champion the cause of weak, male athletes switching teams and taking all of the women's world records by storm. It's really sad that women-only places are being subverted to the radical left agenda.

An official with USA swimming feels the same way, and has quit in protest of a specific trans athlete. Cynthia Millen has officiated USA Swimming events for over 30 years but has had enough. She hopes that others will be inspired by her actions and follow her lead.

The specific incident that led to Millen's resignation is that of University of Pennsylvania athlete Lia Thomas. After competing as a male for three years, Thomas now identifies and competes as a woman. So far, Thomas has shattered many female swimming records.

This topic is a sensitive one, with many people being cancelled over expressing their opinion. Well, we are not afraid to voice ours, and here it is:

Women are biologically different from men.

There, we said it. The left however, continues to claim that trans men are no different than women. This is ludicrous, of course, but the left isn't known for their pursuit of the truth.

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