UPDATE: Texas Trailer Smuggling Incident Leaves 53 Illegal Migrants Dead

 June 30, 2022

The death toll has risen to 53 illegal migrants in follow-up, to a report on Monday by police near San Antonio, Texas; with many others admitted to local hospitals, after being found locked inside a tractor-trailer. On a back road, near Interstate 35, on the southwest side of San Antonio, a worker found an abandoned tractor trailer containing the migrants.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said a worker heard cries for help, coming from inside the trailer. When the worker partially opened door, the dead migrants were observed inside. This incident occurred farther north on I-35 than the last deaths associated with illegal human trafficking, reported earlier this month in La Salle County.

According to CNN, police have now charged two men in connection to these recent deaths.

Border Patrol agents also reportedly responded and were on scene however, due to circumstances, ICE Homeland Security Investigations special agents were called in, and have taken charge of the investigation.

Earlier this month, Breitbart News reported that local police agents found two migrants dead in a tractor-trailer loaded with 111 other apprehended migrants, also along the same traffic corridor. La Salle County Sheriff’s deputies responded to frantic 911 calls from migrants being smuggled in a semi-tractor trailer near Encinal, Texas.

This practice of human smugglers moving illegal migrants in tractor-trailers has been on the increase of late. Known by law enforcement as a major smuggling corridor for humans, narcotics, and southbound weapons, La Salle County sits on U.S. Interstate 35. A part of a major interstate transportation pathway that stretches from Laredo, Texas, 1,500 miles to Duluth, Minnesota. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the route sees at least 200,000 plus vehicles per day.

Money made by these smugglers, is what drives them to seek those daring to come to the United States in this horrible way. It continues to be tragic, with these people being subjected to the extremes of heat and suffocation. The trip, in some cases, costs these illegals their very lives, when they have likely spent a life-time of savings to take this chance.

Our borders would not continue to be in such disarray, and lives might have been spared, if we had an administration that discouraged illegal migration to begin with. As it is, Joe Biden has failed to make the southern U.S. Border secure in any way. In fact, he has allowed it to be quite the opposite, an open means of access to our whole country.

Under the Biden administration, the U.S. Southern Border has become a massive gateway for multi-nationals to infiltrate our states, cities and towns taking advantage of the current - catch and release - policies in place. Sadly, U.S. taxpayers are largely being forced to foot the bill, which continues to skyrocket with each passing day.

These growing numbers of needless deaths, continue to be a prominent black eye on the face of America. U.S. Citizens need to send a clear message to their representatives in Congress, holding them responsible for this national blight, as well as human tragedy. May this November, be a wake-up call, from U.S. Citizens, of epic proportion, righting this and many other wrongs, done by the Democratic radical far-left, finally putting an end to this border madness.

"Not voting is not a protest. It is a surrender."

- Keith Ellison
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