Two Democrats Stand Between Communism And America

In a shocking twist, two democrats will likely stand with Republicans and block Biden's plea to remove the filibuster and nuke election integrity. Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin seem to be making a stand on the right side of things for once.

Biden would need all 50 of the Democrats to alter the filibuster rule and thought he had it. However, on Thursday, Sinema took to the floor in defense of the filibuster:

“But what is the legislative filibuster, other than a tool that requires new federal policy to be broadly supported by senators, representing the broader cross-section of Americans?”

Sinema continued to state that the filibuster is a critical tool in an evenly divided congress:

“Our mandate, it seems evident to me, [is to] work together and get stuff done for America,”

In other good news, it would seem that Manchin supports Sinema's opinion, possibly lending to two Democrats standing with Republicans on this one. I know, shocking right?! Only time will tell...

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