Trump's Fundraising Surge Leaves Biden Backers Concerned

 June 23, 2024

Former President Donald Trump has successfully matched President Joe Biden’s campaign finances, leaving many Biden supporters in a state of shock and dismay.

Fox News reported that Trump's recent surge in fundraising has effectively closed the previously significant financial divide between him and President Joe Biden.

Initially, President Biden's campaign enjoyed a substantial financial upper hand. This advantage, perceived as crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in the upcoming elections, has been unexpectedly neutralized by Trump's aggressive fundraising strategies following significant political and legal developments.

This turnaround began taking shape after Trump secured the GOP nomination in early March.

The situation escalated following his conviction on 34 felony counts in New York this past May, a pivotal event that paradoxically fueled an increase in fundraising efforts rather than hindering them.

Fundraising Strategies Post Conviction Surprise Observers

In response to these legal challenges, Trump’s financial backing did not wane but rather intensified. Major donors rallied, notably with conservative banker Timothy Mellon making a significant $50 million contribution to MAGA Inc., a pivotal super PAC supporting Trump.

On the other side, President Biden's campaign has also seen substantial donations, although not enough to maintain their initial lead. Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has been a prominent supporter, contributing $1 million directly to Biden's campaign and an additional $19 million to a pro-Biden super PAC.

Despite a dip in April, Biden's campaign rebounded strongly in May, pulling in $40 million last week from major fundraising events in Los Angeles and Northern Virginia. An upcoming event in Philadelphia is also anticipated to bolster their financial resources significantly.

Currently, Trump and the Republican National Committee boast $116.5 million in cash, overshadowing the $91.6 million held by Biden and the Democratic National Committee. This financial parity has caused considerable consternation among Democratic strategists, who express concerns over the unexpected robustness of Trump's fundraising efforts.

"There was the strategy of raising all this money on the front end so we could have this huge edge," a major Biden donor lamented. "The whole point of it was to come out with a sizable cash advantage and, you know, we’re now even and it’s June.… I have no other word for it other than ‘depression’ among Biden supporters."

Democratic Strategist Highlights Challenges Ahead

Longtime Democratic strategist Hank Sheinkopf voiced his concerns, noting the surprising strength of Trump’s fundraising.

"What Democrats should worry about is that it’s even within distance – that the money is going on at Trump’s side at such a clip," said Sheinkopf.

"The challenger shouldn’t even be close on the money side, especially a guy who’s convicted of felonies. How is this possible, is what the Democrats should be asking.… That’s what they should be worried about," he added, emphasizing the unusual nature of the situation.

Historically, a legal conviction of such magnitude would likely cripple a political campaign, yet Trump’s fundraising capabilities seem only to have been bolstered by his legal woes.

Another donor expressed their dismay more succinctly: "Disappointing, but not surprising," highlighting a resigned frustration that has permeated among Biden’s financial backers.


The true fallout from this financial tug-of-war will only be observed as the campaigns progress, but the initial shockwaves have made one thing clear: Trump’s financial support remains robust, complicating the Democrats' strategic calculations. The unexpected resilience of Trump's fundraising post-conviction has introduced an unpredictable element into the race, questioning conventional political wisdom.

The dramatic shift in the financial landscapes of these two formidable campaigns signals a potentially heightened and unpredictable battle as election season intensifies. Both sides are gearing up for a fierce competition where funding strategies and donor morale will play pivotal roles.

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