Trump’s 2024 Campaign Makes Liftoff Stopping In New Hampshire Then South Carolina

 January 30, 2023

On Saturday, as his 2024 presidential campaign officially began, Former President Donald Trump visited the first two primary states, New Hampshire and South Carolina. At the New Hampshire Republican Party’s annual meeting in Salem, New Hampshire, Trump delivered the keynote address, on Saturday morning. Trump said  at the top of his address-

“So, we’re here, and we start, we begin,”[adding he was] “thrilled to be back in this beautiful state.” asserting… “We’re going to turn New Hampshire red November 5, 2024.”

-Former President Donald Trump

New Hampshire GOP Chairman, Steve Stepanaek, who co-chaired his first presidential campaign in the Granite State, Trump announced, would be “stepping down and… coming on board as the senior adviser for my New Hampshire campaign.” Drawing strong applause from those in attendance, Trump also reaffirmed his advocacy for New Hampshire’s status, as the first primary state in the nation, pledging to preserve it “for many, many years to come” if elected president.

Noting that he has not held one of his trademark rallies as yet, CNN reported that he also took the media to task, because many mainstream, legacy outlets and networks like CNN, have attempted to brand his campaign as being off to a “sluggish start,”. Trump said of the notion that he was off his game-

“They said, ‘He’s not doing rallies, maybe he’s lost that step.’ I’m more angry now, and I’m more committed now than I ever was,”

-Former President Donald Trump

Earlier this month, when speaking with Politico However, Chris LaCivita noted that it is very early in the campaign and added that “it would be kind of crazy to be spending huge amounts of money this far out.” the Iowa caucus, for reference, is still twelve months away, and Trump did not even announce his first campaign for the presidency until June 2015 – seven months ahead of the Iowa caucus.

Trump has already put forth a number of videos, laying out strong policy platforms on many issues, including a vision to take on drug cartels in a fashion similar to the Islamic State, a comprehensive plan to protect free speech, and a plan to protect America’s economic “Crown Jewels” from communist China. Since December, these videos released have occurred alongside a substantial 15-point surge in his favorability, which was documented in a recent Economist/YouGov poll.

Trump then headed down to Columbia, South Carolina, after his remarks in New Hampshire. While there, he held his first official campaign event and was flanked by early supporters Gov. Henry McMaster (R) SC, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) SC, and Rep Russell Fry (R) SC.

Trump after being introduced by Fry, the only freshman congressman to serve on the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees, said-

“I’m thrilled to be back in the great state of South Carolina, we won it twice by record numbers, and it’s just a real honor. It’s an incredible place,” adding…“The famous saying goes, ‘South Carolina picks presidents.” [Stating clearly] “This campaign will be about the future. This campaign will be about issues, ” later adding “Joe Biden has put America on the fast track to ruin and destruction, and we will ensure that he does not receive four more years.”

-Former President Donald Trump

He continued…“The 2024 election is our one shot to save our country, and we need a leader who is ready to do that on day one. We need a fighter who can stand up to the left, who can stand up to the swamp, stand up to the media, stand up to the deep state …joking… am I allowed to say stand up to the RINOs too?”

Former President Donald Trump

Heading his campaign’s leadership team in North Carolina, Graham and McMaster were announced by Trump, following his address, the pair delivered remarks. McMaster told Trump -

“As you have noticed, this crowd loves you,”. “And that’s because we believe in common sense, we believe in the Declaration of Independence, we believe in the Constitution, we believe in the Bible, and we believe in you. ”

-Gov. Henry McMaster (R) SC

Graham declared-

“Well, he did it once, he can do it again,” …“How many times have you heard, ‘We like Trump policies, but we want somebody new?’ There are no Trump policies without Donald Trump,” adding…. ” I was there, you know why $400 billion was given by NATO nations? Because he asked, and they were afraid to say no.” [telling Trump] “People talk about China; you did something about China,” … “They finally paid. Everybody’s been talking about China, you made ’em pay.” concluding …“The good news for the Republican Party, there are many talented people for years to come, but there is only one Donald Trump,”

-Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) SC

Trump introduced other members of his leadership team, at the event, then made stop at a local business, where an employee there prayed over him. Well received in both states, Trump has come out solidly ,for badly needed reforms to bring America out of the muck and mire, that Joe Biden and his administration have left this nation in.

The issues that Trump is focusing on are matters of national security (our open borders, the theft by China of American technology, restoring U.S military without woke requirements), our nations commitment to education (policies that financially deter CRI, a parental rights law, and scrutiny of our schools of higher education), and U.S. economic stability (promoting an energy independent America).

Those who believe he “has lost his step”, should beware. If these proposed policy changes are any indication of his preparedness to fight to win in this race - America would do well to pay attention.  Whether you like or dislike his personality, Trump is 100% pro-American. There is no mistaking that. Further, he is unswervingly willing to face the restoration project, that is now monumentally bigger - thanks to the demolition of America, that has been handed to its’ citizens by our blunderer-in-chief, Joe Biden.

“The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant.”

-Max DePree


“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”

-Warren Bennis
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