Trump Reveals Trailer Of Explosive Ballot Harvesting Documentary

 April 25, 2022

This past Saturday, former President Donald Trump was speaking at a campaign rally in Ohio with J.D. Vance, the candidate he endorsed for U.S. Senate in this year’s Ohio GOP Senate primary. During the course of the Rally, he played the trailer of the forthcoming explosive documentary “2000 Mules”. The film is an investigative, factually based expose which reveals a wide scale ballot trafficking network of ballot harvesters across several swing states.

“2000 Mules” is a documentary based on a years-long investigation by election integrity group True The Vote and is produced by conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza. A shocking revelation chock full of surveillance footage shows specific instances of people taking multiple ballots to drop boxes, making trips to several boxes around their states. The term “mule” refers to persons who picks up ballots and runs them around to designated drop boxes. Mules are paid to do the job of what is termed ballot harvesting – a means of voter fraud.

The trailer for the documentary begins with a panel of Salem Radio Network hosts discussing the circumstances surrounding what happened in the 2020 election. The panel includes: Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk, radio hosts Larry Elder, Eric Metaxas, Dennis Prager, and Dr. Sebastian Gorka. Before viewing this evidence, they’re seen to be discussing what exactly happened in the 2020 election and appear to be awaiting more evidence.

The three entities/parties who collaborated on this film include: Salem Media Group, producer Dinesh D’Souza and True The Vote. Catherine Engelbrecht, of True The Vote, is seen explaining to D’Souza, that they have been working with Gregg Phillips who Englebrecht relayed has a deep background in election intelligence.

Then, Mr. Phillips shared some of the GPS geo data that True The Vote acquired together with surveillance videos taken, at all hours, across the battleground states. He was quoted as saying there is “some four million minutes… the largest store of election intelligence for the 2020 elections in the world.” adding “No one has more data than we do.”

Among their findings, they reported identifying: 242 mules in Atlanta that went to an average of 24 drop boxes and more than 1,100 mules in Philadelphia and some select clips of drop boxes in various places show different individuals shoving what appear to be multiple ballots into them. Engelbrecht at one point plays a clip of one person who reportedly claims to have traveled in one night alone to six different counties and more than 20 drop boxes, dropping ballots off at each of them. Note - these statements are all on camera, on surveillance video.

These mules have been paid to deliver the votes as instructed. The documentary should be insightful especially since watching the trailer is very riveting. The idea that votes are bought and sold is very real when you see the evidence presented. At one point, Mr. Phillips is quoted as saying “This is organized crime.”

This documentary is likely to be a game changer for the fence-sitters out there who think it won’t affect them. If the elections can be hijacked by those with the money to pay for it – What else can the Zuckerberg’s’ and Soros’s of the day buy? America needs to ask some hard questions of election officials.

State and local election laws need to be in place to guard our right to vote (free from fraud), our loudest voice. Further, Americans need to stand firm against this horrific challenge to our freedom. Watch the trailer – then see the film – decide where the truth lies and remember those who abuse our freedoms don’t want you to consider the evidence for yourself.  Tacit consent is what they count on to rob America of her freedoms. May wisdom prevail.

The film will hit select theaters on May 2 for more information go to or to 

“Let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance”

-       Proverbs 1:5 NIV
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