Trump Opens Up About His Middle East Strategy And Puts Out A Call To Use Common Sense

 September 26, 2022

On his recent Fox News show, Sean Hannity hosts Former President Donald Trump, who shares how he tried to reduce crime domestically, as well as keep foreign powers in check. This was an exclusive interview that encapsulates what Trump had planned for America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, the frank truth of what happened together with the cost to America in lives, equipment, the U.S. position in the world and the decline of America’s believability by the world nations leadership.

Trump answers question after question, put to him by Hannity, in a very calm and candid way, however his responses are hard-hitting with regard to how much he feels that America is on the decline.

When ask why he had to fight so much – Trump stated he had “no choice”, as he was attacked from all sides by the Democrats, the fake news and many within the government itself. He said he was just so struck by how much “evil” there was and continues to be afoot. His timber was calm, but resolute in his unwillingness to back down from his possible 2024 run.

He finished the interview by urging Americans to get out and vote in the midterms - essentially appealing to the voice of reason and common sense to avoid, higher taxes, higher inflation, less school choice, less control over the indoctrination of our youth in schools of all levels, and continued attacks on America’s freedoms. It is an interview very much worth watching – not a bunch of hype but a simple discussion of common sense.

One blogger who watched the interview said-

“Every time I watch President Trump at a rally or being interviewed, I always sleep better. The night he won his first term was the best night sleep I've had in years.  I feel safer knowing he's doing the very best for our beloved country. He loves America. This last election, when I went to bed I was relieved he'd won again...then the shock of what happened was like having war declared.  We have a brief period in history to save America.  One more chance, and there is a reason. Think about it…”

-Janie B. Fox News Blogger
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