Trump Attorney Lindsey Halligan Shares The Latest In The Justice Department's Investigation

 August 19, 2022

On Hannity, Tuesday, former President Trump’s attorney Lindsey Halligan, described the details of  the raid on Trumps, Mira Lago home, along with the latest in the Justice Department's investigation. She stated that the list of items taken, as they were requested and are entitles to by law are-

“Borderline worthless”

- Lindsey HalliganPresident Trump’s Attorney

She was there the day of the raid, but was not allowed to be in the residence, even to stay on site in areas they were not immediately searching, to be out of the stifling 90-degree heat. She stated that they took Trumps passports (even those that were expired), supposedly returning them this week. She also noted that the FBI had requested that the video surveillance in Trumps home, was requested to be turned off – though Trumps management did not do so. Ms. Halligan stated that the department Justice Department, clearly has

“different rules that apply to Donald Trump”

- Lindsey HalliganPresident Trump’s Attorney

Biden’s DOJ and FBI have a lot to answer for at this point: disallowing Trumps council to observe,  asking for the home surveillance to be disabled and taking such personal items as passports (which they already have electronic access to) – what do they currently plan to do? What are they hiding and what did they want to plant on Trump, in his home, that they did not want on camera?

The hidden agenda, the clandestine search (of his whole property) and the now cryptic way they are behaving – even stirring up safety issues with FBI agents and their families, adding more fearmongering drama, that they themselves created in violating Trumps rights. All this occurring in the midst of Trumps cooperative work with them as reported. The is so - not America, but more like a third world dictatorship run government. Every American should be demanding answers, because literally - anyone could be next.

“The truth does not require a majority to prevail, ladies and gentlemen. The truth is its own power. The truth will out. Never forget that.”

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