The Wandering President: America's Laughingstock Needs A Handler

 April 19, 2022

How embarrassing. Apparently now, the President of the United States needs a handler. Throughout the last year its been questioned of who is pulling the presidents puppet strings, evidently, the Easter bunny. While the American population has been questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 election polls, we have had to deal with the aftermath regardless.

It is a pretty bad sign when you cant even trust what your Commander and Chief might spill while wondering about. Biden was pulled into a chat where he started commenting on Afghanistan and Pakistan during the Easter egg event on the white house lawn. Quickly a costumed staffer, presumable Megan Hays (special assistant to the president and director of message planning) rushed up to him and started waving her costumed hands to interrupt him, then directing him away. And away he wonders.

How Joe Biden came to be 46th president of the USA is still a pure mystery. Many people believe that he was planted as a scape goat, someone to take the blame while the real masterminds behind the scenes directs traffic. Unfortunately, it has made America a laughingstock.

No one knows for sure who is really directing events, but one thing is for certain: Joe Biden's rise to power has been nothing short of scandalous!

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