The Left Is Addicted To Fear And Power, They Love COVID

The far left worships COVID. They've gleefully sacrificed the economy, our youth, and freedom itself at the alter of a virus.

They seek to burn the system down and rebuild from the ashes. Nevermind that the new world order they seek has failed every time it's been tried before.

They love the power they've gained over American citizens, and they will never give that up freely.

They revel in their self-righteousness as they crusade against anyone who dares challenge any threat to "public safety". Stray from the herd and you become the wolf while mob rule takes root and the herd itself becomes the threat.

They twist science to their sinister agenda, transforming it into a club used to obliterate any opinion that counters their own.

They appeal to every empathetic cause that may earn them votes, fracturing society into an endlessly broken and tribal state.

The left will never stop, they will never surrender. They are winning the culture war and unless patriotic Americans step up, we will fall.

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