Texas Starts It's Own Construction On Border Wall

By Ken on
 December 18, 2021
By Ken on

Those of us who care about maintaining freedom in America know that this depends in part on the border defense. Not only from direct attack, but from the insidious infiltration of illegal immigrants.

However, the Biden administration and his lackeys have all but abandoned strong policy aimed at defending our borders. The good news is that states like Texas refuse to stand idly by.

In a bold move, Texas state Governor Abbot has taken matters in his own hands and has stepped up to do Biden's job. In fact, the Biden administration and the corporations who've sold out to him are failing to deliver critical materials purchased for the wall under Trumps direction. This has forced Texas to source it's own materials for the construction.

While it is egregious that Governor Abbott facing such obstacles in constructing the wall, it is about time someone took the initiative to keep America safe.

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