Texas Gateway For The Mexican Gulf Cartel Found, Over 500 Illegal Migrants Cross At Starr County

 April 29, 2022

The flood of illegal immigrants continues to cross the US border at problematic Starr County, Texas. Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents found three large groups of migrants in over a 24-hour period, representing a total of 517 persons. Officials stated the groups consisted of 387 single adults, 143 family units, and 87 unaccompanied children. Agents were able to further identify some of the migrants as citizens of Cuba, Kazakhstan, and the nations of Central and South America.

Why a cluster of crossings there? It seems that Starr County, Texas is home to some members of the current Mexican Gulf Cartel organization in Matamoros, Mexico. In February of this year, these stateside members apparently prompted an FBI advisory to Texas law enforcement and military officials about concerns they had regarding the possible retaliation against U.S. law enforcement following the arrest of their leader, Alfredo “El Contador” Cardenas in Mexico. 

According to documents reviewed and reported on at the time by Breitbart News-

“Factions of this cartel in Starr County have already been shooting across the river at Border Patrol Agents and at National Guard security posts,”…“We are already expecting greater frustration and more shootings by the CDG faction that controls all of the smugglings in the three Starr County zones.”

Additionally, as far back as February of 2019, this particular Texas county was specifically mentioned in a Republican-Democratic sponsored funding bill that was to provide about $1.3 billion for 55 miles of border wall construction. The bill was offered to then President Trump, with a mandate that the White House have approval from left-wing Starr County, Texas officials before the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) could begin building a wall at the region’s U.S.- Mexico border. Further, DHS officials were to open a public forum to local residents, lasting 60 days, apparently to gain the support of local elected officials.

It would seem this area of Texas is a preferred cross over region because of focused democratic, left-leaning sympathizers who are likely connected to the Mexican Gulf Cartel (MGC). No wonder, Trump faced so many roadblocks to the border wall. When the fox is guarding the hen house you can expect to lose some, if not all, of your brood. Nothing like the MGC running the show, while American taxpayers’ foot the bill. What a sweet deal for them.

Apparently, the MGC, together with local officials in Starr County, and assisted by those democrats in congress, were already influencing spending bills and pressuring sitting US President Donald Trump, to cut them a local deal. The democratic left, it seems, has given Starr County over to the MGC to influence as they will and have no problem placing demands on the White House on behalf of them. 

There is one BIG problem with all that – THIS IS AMERICAN SOIL! Starr County Texas, its population and elected officials need investigated as a whole because their tentacles reach over 1500 miles into Washington, DC., peddling MGC influenced policies. The border will never be secure with the likes of those supporting this truly – revolving door policy there.

Additionally, without further investigation, there is no way to tell who, is really who there – since cartel members have invaded this county and are likely allowed to vote now. I’m sure the MGC sends whomever they please to this border county as there is no clearly effective barrier which is why illegal immigrants congregate there. Starr County is a safe bet for those connected to the cartel. Who knows how long this collusion has been taking place. 

Further, todays’ White House is clearly preferred by the cartel as the Biden / Harris team demonstrates a purposeful hands-off approach and though it politically postures otherwise, it does not get involved. No border deterrent exists in the current administration whatsoever. 

In addition to the current Starr County border mess, Falfurrias Station agents, assigned to a checkpoint located in Brooks County, Texas intercepted two human smuggling situations involving tractor-trailers on April 23. It would seem that a K-9 alert led to the discovery of three migrants hiding amidst produce in the first trailer and six migrants were found hiding in the second produce – laden trailer. These illegal migrants were identified as citizens of Colombia, El Salvador, and other nations of Central America.

On the same day, Texas DPS troopers, near the checkpoint in Brooks County witnessed the drop off of a group of illegal migrants by someone driving a small VW sedan, who was able to escape apprehension. The trooper and nearby agents took three migrants into custody. Texas troopers also stopped a vehicle near Mission, Texas, who alerted Border Patrol agents who discovered six passengers in the vehicle - citizens of Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras. The vehicle driver was arrested and charged with human smuggling.

The US has an out of control southern border with vast numbers of people continuing to pour in. This flood of illegals is adding to, if not creating a national crisis. Americans need to clearly make their voices heard and their votes count going into this next election. This madness needs to stop!

The Biden administration has sorely failed the American citizenry, yet expects US taxpayers to sympathetically cough-up ongoing funding to cope with the financial burden that this administration continues to foster.

Congress needs to actively press to seal leaks such as found in Starr County, Texas – investigating the US control of our southern border by those in the back pockets of the Mexican Gulf Cartel. We need to strongly oppose any nation that runs roughshod over our liberties. We the people, the legal citizens, of the United States of America run this country, not the drug cartels or other nations.

“Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”

-President John F. Kennedy
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