Texas Border Town Migrant Crisis Leaves Residents Feeling Unsafe – Residents Weigh In

On Wednesday, Eagle Pass, Texas, residents were asked “Have you personally been affected by mass migration in your town?”. This Fox Digital Video, captures local residents sharing how mass illegal migration has made them feel unsafe in their small town. This is because of robberies, break-ins and pet killings that are now a part of their lives.

From person to person, fear and the struggle to understand why nothing is being done, while residents just try to survive the situation without becoming a statistic, pervades their lives.

Illegal migrant traffic, is forcing parents to teach their children, self-defense measures, to lock their doors and windows, while home, and to stay indoors at night, to avoid confrontations with these drifters. They are literally hanging out in the streets and in front of businesses, during the daytime hours. Businesses are even closing early, because these migrants are hanging around.

This video also captures the personal refuse, trash and debris left by these Illegal migrants. Some migrants that have died crossing the border, have also impacted the local border properties, especially the ranches. This ongoing border crisis, is definitely not a managed situation, and is adversely affecting these border towns and their resident families. They are truly being invaded, by these illegals, who are allowed to just roam their properties free.

Fox’s video gives a wide-angle picture of the struggle, that these American citizens face every day, the fear they now live with, and their mixed feelings of helplessness and frustration because they live near the “open” border. Essentially, these American Families are living the Biden administrations’ epic failure.

“Besides taking jobs from American workers, illegal immigration creates huge economic burdens on our health care system, our education system, our criminal justice system, our environment, our infrastructure and our public safety”

– Jan C. Ting


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