Tennessee Soccer Coach Accused of Filming Himself Drugging, Raping Boys Admits He’s Illegal Alien

 July 13, 2023

The Franklin, Tennessee, Police Department confirms, that the man accused of filming himself while raping unconscious boys, whom he allegedly drugged, is himself an illegal alien living in the United States. Police confirmed on Wednesday, that Campos is an illegal alien who has lived in the area for about 20 years.

Reportedly, 63-year-old soccer coach, Camilo Hurtado Campos was arrested and charged in Franklin County this week for allegedly drugging, and sexually abusing multiple young boys from nine to 17-years-old. Allegedly, Campos filmed the assaults on his cellphone.

Campos was arrested after he left his phone at a local pizza parlor in Franklin County on June 22. Employees went through the phone to gather information about the owner. Staff said they found videos and photos of child sexual abuse and called the police. According to authorities-

“What they [staff] found, instead, were dozens of unconscionable videos and pictures of children, and so they called police,” …“During an immediate and tireless investigation, detectives found hundreds of disturbing videos and pictures on that phone,”... “In many of them, Campos recorded himself raping unconscious boys between approximately 9 and 17 years old.”

-Police & Local Authorities Press Release

Reportedly, three of the 10 victims seen in the recorded sexual abuse, were initially identified by police, another five have come forward, to accuse Campos of drugging and raping them. According to police, Campos’s child sexual abuse likely dates back many years, as he allegedly frequently searched for boys to join his soccer team at local playgrounds and schools.

He is being held in Franklin County Jail at this time. Campos’s next court date is schedule for July 25th.

“…Betrayal is too simple a word to describe the overwhelming pain, the overwhelming loneliness and isolation this child experiences.”

-Margaret Smith, Ritual Abuse
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