Target Shuts Down Stores in Democrat Havens Due to Skyrocketing Theft – A Woke Wake-Up Call?

 September 26, 2023

In a move that underscores the challenges faced by retailers in Democrat-run cities, Target has announced the closure of nine stores across four states, including three in San Francisco. The retail giant cites theft and organized retail crime as the primary reasons, stating that these issues have created an unsafe environment for both workers and customers. This decision comes despite Target's significant investments in security measures and theft prevention strategies.

The Unyielding Reality of Theft

Target's decision to close these stores was described as "difficult" by the company. Despite investing heavily in security measures such as additional security personnel, third-party guard services, and theft deterrent tools, the retailer continued to face "fundamental challenges" in maintaining a safe shopping environment. Target CEO Brian Cornell revealed that violent incidents against workers had increased by 120% in the first five months of this year compared to the same period last year. "Our team continues to face an unacceptable amount of retail theft and organized retail crime," Cornell stated.

The Cost of Wokeness

The closures are particularly noteworthy given Target's recent efforts to align itself with progressive causes, including LGBTQ+ support. The company had previously faced backlash for its Pride Month displays, leading to some items being pulled from shelves in certain regions. Now, the company finds itself grappling with the consequences of operating in cities where theft and crime are rampant, raising questions about the sustainability of its social justice initiatives in such environments.


Target's decision to close stores in Democrat-run cities like San Francisco serves as a wake-up call, not just for the retail giant but for other businesses as well. The closures highlight the urgent need for effective governance to ensure the safety and security of both workers and customers. As Target reevaluates its strategies, one can't help but wonder: Is this the price of wokeness?

"We know that our stores serve an important role in their communities, but we can only be successful if the working and shopping environment is safe for all,"

Target's official statement.
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