After FBI Caves On Alleged Biden Bribery Doc Review - Comer Cancels Contempt Vote

In an effort to avoid a contempt vote, the FBI agreed to permit members of the House Oversight Committee to review an unclassified informant file that allegedly links President Joe Biden to a $5 million bribery scheme. This happened just eleven hours before the House Oversight Committee would assemble to vote on holding FBI Director […]

Fed. Judge Issues Preliminary Injunction Against Florida’s Law Restricting –“Gender-Affirming” Care

On Tuesday, a federal judge proclaimed “gender identity is real” in an order that partially blocks Florida’s restrictions on “gender-affirming” care for a few select minors. The lawsuit was brought in opposition to the recent law that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed into law that restricting “gender-affirming” care for children, among other things. This […]

Biden's Plan For Mass Release Of Illegal Migrants Loses In Appeals Court, Headed For Supreme Court Battle

Over a border policy set forth in a Border Patrol memo referenced last month, Attorney General Ashley Moody of Florida, brought a lawsuit against the Biden administration. The Border Patrol memo said that migrants can be allowed into the country on parole, with a pending court date. By way of history, the video below, not […]

Ad Agency That Pushed Dylan Mulvaney Bud Light Campaign Said To Be In ‘Panic Mode’

According to a report from the New York Post, the ad agency that facilitated the Dylan Mulvaney partnership, with Bud Light now finds itself in a state of “serious panic mode,” An ad agency out of San Francisco that often fixes prominent social media influencers with high-powered corporations. Captiv8, had orchestrated the initial partnership between […]

Democrats Use Drag Queen To Rally 2024 Voters

On Monday, Drew Hernandez, Reporter and TPUSA contributor, revealed footage of an all ages drag show in Tempe, Arizona that appeared to turn into a political rally.  Reportedly, to rally far-left progressive voters for Arizona’s upcoming elections, Democrats joined with a female impersonator at a public “Pride Party”. Richard Stevens, who uses the “drag queen” […]

Capitol Police Stop Youth Choir During National Anthem Performance, Sparking Outrage

Video footage showing a South Carolina-based children’s choir being stopped, by a Capitol Police officer, from singing the national anthem in the U.S. Capitol, has gone viral with millions of views. Singers with the Rushingbrook Children’s Choir from Greenville S.C, were reportedly stopped because of a "miscommunication," which occurred May 26th, according to Capitol Police. […]

Nikki Haley Claims 2024 Candidates Are Actually Running Against “President Kamala Harris”

Nikki Haley, Republican presidential candidate, slammed President Joe Biden’s competency level Saturday, saying candidates need to approach the 2024 race as if they were running against “President Kamala Harris.” Haley also reiterated her calls for presidents, including Biden, to take a mental competency test. Reportedly, in an interview, with Breitbart, Haley, former ambassador to the […]

In New Mexico, Sonic Employee Arrested After Cocaine Found In Customer's Hot Dog

According to police, an employee at a Sonic Drive-In restaurant in New Mexico, was arrested after he lost his bag of cocaine, that somehow ended up on a customer's hot dog.  In a press release, Espanola Police Department said that Jeffrey David Salazar, 54, faces a felony charge for possession of a controlled substance. discover […]

Federal Judge Rejects Tennessee’s Anti-Drag Law as Too Broad, Too Vague

Thomas Parker, a U.S. District Judge, said in his ruling, late Friday, that the Tennessee’s first-in-the-nation law, that banned cabaret performances in a public place or anywhere that children could be present, was "overly broad," encouraged "discriminatory enforcement," and violated the First Amendment rights of the performers. According to the ruling late Friday by Parker, […]

Biden WH Refuses To Answer Question On Hunter Biden's Second Amendment Defense Plan

On Friday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to answer a question related to Hunter Biden's previous drug use and reported plans to use the Second Amendment as a defense should he be charged with a gun crime. She just retorted when asked, -“ I’m just not going to”. Apparently she, like Biden, can’t […]
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